Product Spotlight - Body Care Black Containers

Black Plastic Containers for Body Care Products

SKS' Black plastic bottles and black plastic jars offer a dynamic packaging choice for skincare and hair care products. Choose from a wide selection of materials, including eco-friendly packaging options, and a range of matching dispensing closures.

Black Plastic Body Care Bottles

Black PET plastic bottles are available in versatile boston round and cosmo round styles for housing a wide range of products. PET plastic provides resistance against moisture, oxygen, acid, grease and oil. These plastic bottles also offer excellent UV barriers due to the opacity of black PET.

SKS carries a variety of matching dispensing closures to assist in applying thicker viscosity products, such as lotions, body creams, and other soothing moisturizers.

SKS offers black plastic bottles with fine mist sprayers for packaging a variety of hair care products, like hairspray, leave in conditioner, and sheen spray. A clear overcap is paired with each size fine mist sprayer and assists with preventing unwanted discharge during transportation and storage. For more information on the useful features of fine mist sprayers read our product spotlight.

For additional information about our PET boston round bottles and PET cosmo round bottles watch these quick, informative videos. To create a complete look using these body care bottles, add custom labels to your packaging.

Eco Friendly Body Care Jars

Black plastic jars are versatile and come in a range of stylish packaging options for hair care and skin care products. SKS offers eco-friendly PET (PCR) and Polypropylene (PIR) jars in shiny and frosted finishes with matching black caps.

PCR black plastic jars offer a sustainable packaging option, combined with the durability and versatility of PET plastic. PCR stands for Post Consumer Resin and is created through the following process:
  1. New PET plastic is created and containers are molded
  2. Containers are sold and used
  3. Empty PET plastic containers are recycled
  4. Recycled plastic containers are returned to the manufacturer
  5. The manufacturer cleans, shreds, and remelts the plastic
  6. New PCR PET containers are molded

The PCR process helps to reduce the number of plastic containers that reach landfills, as well as reduces the use of raw materials, pollution, and energy required to produce new PET containers. Like standard PET, PCR PET has good barriers and resistance to moisture, oxygen, acid, grease, and oils.

Polypropylene (PIR) black jars are produced in a soft, matte finish with matching matte smooth or dome caps for a unique appearance when packaging products, such as organic salves and all natural body butter. PIR polypropylene includes the same standards and properties as other polypropylene plastic jars and is just as eco-friendly as PCR plastic.

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