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Product Spotlight - Prescription & OTC Black Containers

Product Spotlight - Prescription & OTC Black Containers

Black Bottles, Jars, Pop Top Vials, and Prescription Packaging Options

SKS provides a variety of child resistant black containers that are ideal for packaging prescription and OTC products.

Black Plastic Bottles & Jars Prescription Packaging

Prescription and OTC medications within the pharmaceutical industry assist customers with a wide range of needs. SKS offers stylish, black plastic containers with beneficial features that meet the regulations for medical packaging. These black bottles and jars offer a dynamic packaging choice when paired with black child resistant caps to store tinctures, salves, and more.

Medical Marijuana Black Containers
  • Features:
  • Opaque
  • High UV protection
  • Child Resistant closures
  • Reclosable
  • Easily labeled

Black cosmo round bottles and slim line cylinders provide compact, high quality packaging for OTC products including tinctures, liquid supplements, and drink additives. The black slim line cylinders paired with child resistant bulb glass droppers offer droplet dispensing for accurately dosing highly concentrated medicines. For a larger capacity option for liquid prescription products, choose black cosmo round bottles, which feature a slender shape and wide opening for easy pouring. The matching black child resistant caps allow products to be stored safely and out of the reach of children.

To package medical powders, creams, and more, SKS offers black plastic jars with compatible black child resistant caps. HDPE black low profile jars have a strong chemical resistance to maintain product quality and freshness. The ample openings of these jars are ideal for applying salves and creams. Black PET (PCR) straight sided jars in the 16 oz size offer a taller, high capacity packaging option with ample labeling space. These jars are compatible with clear shrink bands for an outer tamper evident seal.

Black Medical Prescription Pouches & Pop Top Vials

For even more options when packaging prescription and OTC products, check out SKS' black child resistant pouches and pop top vials. Our durable pouches are compliant with regulations, and are composed of a flexible mylar material that can be labeled on both sides. To open, simply push up on the tab while pulling the zipper. Securely reclose these bags by zipping to the starting position and reinsert the zipper into the plastic housing.

Medical Marijuana Black Containers
  • Features:
  • Reach ASTM D3475 standards
  • Tested to CFR 1700.20 protocols
  • Reclosable child resistant zipper closure

Our opaque black polypropylene pop top vials are child resistant and available in three sizes to hold various forms of tablets and medical strips. These vials contain matte hinge tops with embossed opening instructions. The 19 and 30 dram vials show, "Squeeze Sides Below Cap", while the 13 dram simply reads, "Squeeze." All vials include a double sided arrow directing the user to rigid spots on the top to assist with opening.

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