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Product Spotlight - Trigger Sprayers

Product Spotlight - Trigger Sprayers

Trigger sprayers and mini trigger sprayers provide a misting or stream dispensing option for products with a variety of compositions.

Mini Trigger Sprayers

Mini Trigger Sprayers

Mini trigger sprayers can dispense high viscosity products in a quick mist. The neck finish of the white or black mini trigger sprayers is 24/410 with several options in dip tube lengths to pair with various plastic bottles. The output per stroke is .2 ml, which is easy to dispense with the sleek trigger designed for one handed operation. All of the mini trigger sprayers have buttons on their necks that lock them for storage and travel to prevent spills.
Mini Trigger Sprayers

With a smaller neck finish, mini trigger sprayers pair with several plastic bottles that SKS has in stock. Opt for the amber PET plastic boston round bottles with black mini trigger sprayers for hair care products. Pair clear plastic cosmo round bottles with the white mini trigger sprayers for a fresh look to package sunscreens and other body care products.

Trigger sprayers in the standard or mini style can provide a unique way to package and dispense products in an array of industries. SKS recommends testing your product with the trigger sprayer style you choose to confirm the best possible application for your customers.

Trigger Sprayers

Trigger SprayersWhite trigger sprayers with red accents have design features that allow for easy use within various industries. The three finger trigger and rear finger support provides a comfortable grip for continual use. The red nozzle reads "Open" and "Closed" with an arrow, to indicate which direction to turn the nozzle to open the trigger sprayer for use or close during shipment or storage. The white and red trigger sprayers dispense 1.9 ml per spray, have 28/400 neck finishes and are available in various dip tube lengths.

Purchase white and red trigger sprayers with HDPE plastic spray bottles for a complete set ready to use in laboratories or for industrial and household cleaning products. The HDPE plastic bottles from 16 oz to 32 oz have measurements molded into the sides to assist in mixing and measured dispensing.Trigger Sprayers

White and black trigger sprayers provide several dispensing options and come in various dip tube lengths. The trigger sprayers include nozzles that can be turned to on, off, stream or spray positions. In the stream and spray positions, the dispensing output is .9 ml. These trigger sprayers have two compatible bottle choices, pair the black trigger sprayers with 22 oz clear PET plastic sprayer bottles, or the white trigger sprayers with HDPE plastic spray bottles in 8 oz, 16 oz or 22 oz sizes.

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