Product Spotlight - Trigger Sprayers

SKS offers mini trigger sprayers and standard trigger sprayers for dispensing a range of hair care products and household cleaning products. Both trigger sprayer styles feature a range of dip tube lengths for pairing with a large selection of bottles to create a functional and stylish product line.

Hair Care Bottles w/ Trigger Sprayers

For busy salons and spas, SKS offers mini trigger sprayers for your hair care products. Mini trigger sprayers are able to dispense a variety of products and pair with plastic bottles in a range of colors, sizes, and styles for easy personalized branding.

Household Cleaner Bottles w/ Trigger Sprayers

Trigger sprayers provide top level storing, dispensing, and durability for packaging a range of products that could include household cleaners. Pair white and black trigger sprayers with plastic bottles for packaging tile cleaner, all surface sprays, disinfectants, and much more!

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