Product Spotlight - Spice Containers

SKS offers glass, plastic, and metal containers that are ideal for packaging spices and dessert toppings with ease. With durable and functional spice cap options, fitments, and more, it's easy to find the packaging that fits your needs. From restaurants to home chefs and bakers, SKS' variety of spice containers make dispensing, storing, and displaying your products top shelf!

Spice Containers

SKS offers clear glass and plastic spice containers in a range of styles and sizes, with a variety of dispensing options. The high clarity showcases vibrant spice blends, and great durability allows these containers to be used frequently and stored securely. SKS also offers bulk spice containers to ensure busy restaurants and caterers always have the stock they need.

Dessert Topping Containers

Choose from metal and plastic spice containers that can easily package dessert toppings for bakeries and home bakers, including sprinkles, colorful sugar crystals, edible glitter, crushed nuts, and much more.

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