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Product Spotlight - Plastic & Glass Spice Containers

Product Spotlight - Plastic & Glass Spice Containers

Showcase herbs and spices in a wide range of versatile plastic and glass spice containers provided by SKS.

Plastic Spice Containers

Spice ContainersSKS has 4 oz clear plastic spice bottles in a cylinder shape with wide openings and ample space for product labels. Sifter fitments that may be purchased with the 4 oz spice bottles have 11 holes with a 3.175 mm diameter. The sifter attachments snap into the necks of the spice bottles and fit with red or white plastic caps to easily seal the spice containers. Since these sifters sit over the opening of the bottles, it is suggested to not use them with pressure sensitive or induction lined caps. Compatible clear shrink bands can be used to create an outer seal if desired.

This style is also available in 8 oz spice bottles paired with black and red spice caps. These spice caps include two dispensing options: one side has a half circle opening for small spoons or pouring, while the other side has three holes with a .3" diameter. PS113 liners are included beneath the red and black spice caps. These PS113 liners are printed with "Sealed for Freshness" and adhere to the 8 oz spice bottles once the caps have been screwed tightly into place. Offered with the same black and red PS 113 lined spice caps are 16 oz gripped spice bottles. Gripped spice bottles have a rectangular shape with built in handles on each side of the bottle for comfortable dispensing.

Wide mouth spice jars composed of PET with black spice caps have a capacity of 10 oz allowing for a suitable amount of spices to be stored, without being a size that takes up too much shelf space. Included within each cap is a PS113 liner, with "Sealed for Freshness" printed. The black caps include one spoon size opening, and the other side has sifter holes. For a slender option, 5.75 oz spice cylinders are composed of clear PET with red or black spice caps also including the PS113 liners. These slim plastic bottles could be an option for spices to be sold in a variety pack.

Spice Containers
Clear propionate plastic tubes display your brightly colored spices in a tall, slender shape with silver screw caps or natural plugs. Propionate plastic is clear, FDA approved, impact resistant, and durable. Silver screw metal caps provide a shiny accent to these clear propionate plastic tubes and are available unlined or with pulp/vinyl liners. Depending on the spices packaged, proper testing will assist in deciding if pulp/vinyl liners are needed to provide an additional layer of resistance. Plastic plugs provide a snug seal and are easy to match product lines among various styles of spice containers. Choose from round, square, oval, or rectangular clear propionate plastic tubes with natural HDPE or LDPE plugs.

Spice Containers
Compatible with white and red plastic caps are SKS' 1 oz natural polypropylene spice jars, sold with optional sifters included. These sifter caps have 11 holes with a 3 mm diameter, which easily allows these spice jars to dispense seasonings and rubs. Square wire bale jars composed of PET can package spices, blends, and dry rubs in 5 oz, 7 oz, and 13 oz capacities. Lids for the clear plastic wire bale jars include a rubber ring which provides a tight seal and helps to preserve dried herbs during storage.

Glass Spice Containers

Spice ContainersSKS offers round and square glass spice bottles with crystal clear clarity and high end style. French square glass bottles with black phenolic caps are available in four sizes to create a full product line for housing products like specialty blends and bulk spices. The rectangular, flat sides offer ample space for product labels. Available in 1/2 oz to 16 oz sizes are the clear glass boston round bottles with corks. These clear bottles will showcase your product, while the corks provide impermeable barriers for safe product storage. These glass spice containers have rounded shoulders, smaller neck openings for controlled pouring, and a ring of ridges on the base for sturdiness. A bit more of a unique option is the clear glass cylinder bottles with corks. This 4 oz thread-less bottle was designed to be paired with a cork stopper. It features a tapered opening making it easy to place and remove cork closures, as well as a large flat labeling area.

Spice ContainersWithin the growing SKS glass jar inventory are paragon and wire bale jars. Either could make for an excellent packaging option for spices. Clear glass paragon jars are tall containers with wide mouth openings that can be paired with a variety of plastic and metal caps. Opt for clear glass paragon jars with black plastic pressure sensitive lined spice caps for gradually dispensing spices by sifting, or by the spoonful. Clear glass wire bale jars with hinged lids are sold in 125 ml, 167 ml, and 277 ml sizes. The hinged lids feature red rubber seals, which provide both a secure seal as well as a small pop of color to complement your products and labels.

This is just a sample of the various glass and plastic spice containers that SKS has to offer. Be sure to visit our spice grinder product spotlight for more ideas related to food packaging !

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