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Plastic and Metal Dessert Topping Containers

Choose from metal and plastic spice containers that can easily package dessert toppings for bakeries and home bakers, including sprinkles, colorful sugar crystals, edible glitter, crushed nuts, and much more.

Dessert Topping Containers

Square and round metal tins with clear window tops offer a multidimensional packaging option for dessert toppings. These metal tins are seamless, which means they are one piece of tin-plated steel, with no seams on the bottom or sides of the tin body. Because of this, the metal tins have no rough edges, fewer weak points, and can be easily decorated. The matching metal caps include a clear window that is composed of APET plastic, which is similar to PET, but is a little thicker and less flexible.

5.75 oz plastic spice containers are available with a range of cap options that could be great for storing dessert toppings. The slender PET cylinders have straight, sleek sides for easy labeling and a comfortable hold when dispensing. The compatible PS113 spice caps include five sifter holes and an inner liner, which creates a seal that helps preserve product freshness without the need for extra machinery. Unlined polypropylene caps paired with sifter fitments are also a top choice. These sifter fitments have eleven evenly sizes holes and snap into place after filling the spice bottles.

  • Spice Cylinder Bottle Options:
  • Cylinders with black PS113 lined spice caps
  • Cylinders with sifters and white unlined caps
  • Cylinders with red PS113 lined spice caps
  • Cylinders with sifters and red unlined caps

SKS offers tall, round 4 oz clear plastic spice bottles with wide openings and ample space for product labels. Sifter fitments pair with the spice bottles and have 11 holes with a 3.175 mm diameter each. The sifter fitments snap into the necks of the spice containers and fit with red or white plastic caps. Since these sifters sit over the opening of the bottles, it is recommended they not be used with pressure sensitive or induction lined caps.

SKS also offers plastic jars with highly useful features for larger volumes of product. These plastic jars are composed of high clarity PET and are durable for continuous use with ease. Square gripped wide mouth jars are a convenient way to store large quantities of dessert toppings and can be used with scoops for filling smaller spice containers or for easy dispensing.

Clear round spice jars feature an indented labeling area and a slim style that is easy to hold when dispensing, while also being compact for storage. The spice caps offered include one open side for pouring, while the other side comprises of seven sifter holes with a .2" diameter. The glossy sifter caps contain PS113 liners with "Sealed for Freshness" printed on top to help preserve product freshness without additional machinery.

For additional packaging ideas for dessert toppings and decorating, view our food crafting index. Be sure to test your full line of dessert topping containers to ensure complete compatibility and correct dispensing.

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