Product Spotlight - Snap Top Caps

SKS offers a wide variety of smooth, ribbed, lined, and unlined snap top caps. These convenient dispensing caps are composed of polypropylene plastic for long term use without loss of quality or functionality. Purchase these durable and versatile dispensing caps to match with glass and plastic bottles for various food products or body care products.

Snap Top Caps for Food Products

When packaging a range of food products, like salad dressing, condiments, and more, choose snap top caps for easy dispensing. These snap top caps are offered in a variety of colors, are smooth or ribbed, and feature different types of liners to fit your needs. Pair these snap top caps with glass and plastic bottles for products sold in restaurants, grocery stores, online, and more!

Snap Top Caps for Body Care Products

SKS carries an extensive range of unlined snap top caps for packaging body care products that could consist of lotions, hair care products, and more. These snap top caps are durable, convenient to store, and easily dispense body care products.

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