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Product Spotlight - Snap Top Caps

Product Spotlight - Snap Top Caps

Snap Top Caps for Body Care Products

SKS carries an extensive range of unlined snap top caps for packaging body care products that could consist of lotions, hair care products, and more. These snap top caps are durable, convenient to store, and easily dispense body care products.

Body Care Products with Snap Top Caps

Ribbed unlined snap top caps are available in white, black, and natural colors. Each 20/410 size snap top cap has a .125" opening diameter, while the 24/410 sizes feature an orifice that is .25" in diameter. These versatile dispensing caps can be paired with cosmo round bottles, cylinder bottles, and boston round bottles . Smooth unlined snap top caps are available with a neck finish of 24/410 in black or white, and can pair with an extensive range plastic bottles. The unlined caps have a .25" diameter opening with raised walls for a smoother pour.
Snap Top Caps for Body Care Products

  • Snap Top Caps for Tottles
  • 18 & 22 mm white snap top caps
  • 22 mm black snap top caps
  • 22/400 white snap top caps
  • 15/415 white snap top caps

SKS offers tottles in sizes ranging from 1/2 oz to 8 oz in a selection of styles that are compatible with smooth white and black snap top caps. HDPE plastic tottles include white and natural options, with and without hang loops, in sizes that can be great for hotel amenities, sunscreen, and more.

Tottles constructed from clear and amber PET plastic are available in a 4 oz capacity with either white or black smooth snap top caps. These caps have an opening diameter of .154" and provide a flat base for the tottles to stand upright. SKS understands that time and effort go into crafting body care products and highly recommend testing your packaging choices to ensure the best experience for your customers.

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