Product Spotlight - Roll-On Bottles

SKS has expanded it's collection of roll-on bottles to include a wide selection of plastic and glass options. Roll-on bottles can add a striking appearance to perfumes, essential oils, lip gloss, liquid cosmetics, and more!

Aromatherapy Blend Containers

SKS offers a variety of dark colored and frosted glass roll on bottles with several options plastic caps to choose from to packaging products such as aromatherapy blends. These conveniently sized roll on bottles provide a stylish option for traveling and use on the go.

Perfume Roll Ons

Clear glass roll on bottles with plastic caps make great containers for packaging small volumes of perfumes in samples or travel sizes, and more. SKS offers clear glass roll on bottles that have style with high durability and easy application. These roll on bottles glide across the neck and wrist, creating a pleasant aroma for customers.

Lip Gloss Packaging

Choose from a variety of glass or plastic roll on bottles for lip gloss products with clear shiny or color tinted glazes, and more. These roll on bottles offer a stylish packaging option for lip gloss that is constructed for smooth and convenient use for customers.

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