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Product Spotlight - Roll-On Bottles

Product Spotlight - Roll-On Bottles

SKS has expanded our selection of roll-on bottles to include a wide selection of plastic and glass options. Roll-on bottles can add a striking appearance to perfumes, essential oils, lip gloss, liquid cosmetics and more!

Plastic Roll-On Bottles

Plastic Roll-On BottlesPlastic roll-on bottles are available in PET, polypropylene and SAN plastic. In order to choose the best style for your aesthetic and compatibility with your ingredients, consider the following plastic roll-on bottle characteristics.

PET plastic roll-on bottles are sold in 10.6 ml and 13 ml sizes. The 10.6 ml PET plastic roll-on bottles have LDPE housings and stainless steel roller balls, which are a good choice for roll-on bottles due to their traits of low reactivity and durability. The 13 ml PET plastic roll-on bottles have polypropylene housings and balls. Polypropylene is frequently used in roll-on bottle accessories and other packaging applications when high stability and good chemical resistance is necessary. The clear PET roll-on bottles feature a high clarity level, useful for products such as liquid concealer and lip gloss. Providing visibility of the shade of your product before purchase can lead to smoother transactions and happier customers.
White Plastic Roll-On Bottles

The clear SAN plastic roll-on bottles are available in a 5 ml size with stainless steel roller balls and cap options including white and black polypropylene caps. SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile resin) plastic is very similar in quality to polystyrene, with stress crack resistance and good chemical resistance towards acids, grease, oil, hydrocarbons and various alcohols. SAN roll-on bottles offer the appearance of glass, with the characteristics and benefits of plastic.

If your products are more suited for opaque packaging, SKS also has white polypropylene plastic roll-on bottles that hold 1/4 oz and include natural plastic balls and flat top caps.

Glass Roll-On Bottles

Glass Roll-On BottlesGlass roll-on bottles come in many different vibrant colors, with a wide selection of caps to suit your product line. The glass roll-on bottles have polypropylene caps, polypropylene or stainless steel roller balls and PE housings. The composition of glass could work well with products including essential oils, homeopathic remedies, and herbal blends, due to its resistances and barrier characteristics.

Clear glass roll-on bottles are available in .35 oz, 10 ml and 1 oz sizes with many attractive caps to choose from. The .35 oz and 1 oz options have PE housings and polypropylene balls for smooth dispensing. The 10 ml clear glass roll-on bottles have stainless steel roller balls paired with silver caps, which are not only functional but also escalate the look and appeal of your products.

Glass Roll-On BottlesFrosted glass roll-on bottles add the treatment of frosting to our clear or colored glass vials, providing a soft and sophisticated look. The frosted roll-on bottles hold .35 oz of product and include PE housings and polypropylene balls. In addition to the frosted clear glass roll-on bottles, we also have eye-catching green and blue frosted roll-on bottles. With this wide variety of frosted roll-on bottle colors and caps, there are many combinations to choose from to complement brand colors, scents, flavors and more.

If you are looking for opaque glass roll-on bottles, SKS also offers a bronze color treated option. These glass roll-ons are striking in color, and include all of the significant characteristics of the standard roll-on bottles. For new and innovative colors opt for, amber and purple roll-on bottles. Not only are they attention grabbing, but they can also easily be incorporated into a product line for a punch of color.

Bulk Purchasing of Plastic or Glass Roll-On Bottles

Bulk Purchasing of Plastic or Glass Roll-On Bottles Plastic and glass roll-on bottles are fantastic packaging choices for an array of products. You may also purchase the roll-ons in bulk, which has many benefits. Select your roll-on bottle and use the convenient cap code to locate compatible housings and balls. Then choose from the matching polypropylene plastic caps. Purchasing in bulk means ordering in larger quantities, but with a lower price per container. Purchasing in bulk is also a great way to increase your inventory and allow for greater variety in cap and container combinations.

Another available bulk option is purchasing full sets in bulk quantities. For example, if you would like clear glass roll-ons with silver caps, you can choose the roll-on bottles, caps and housings in cases of 48 or 592. The box you receive will include all of the pieces, and purchasing a larger quantity reduces the individual cost per roll-on container.

Roll-on bottles are versatile, attractive and easy for customers to apply and use on the go. If you have any questions on how to choose the best roll-on bottles for your products or how to purchase in bulk, be sure to contact our customer service representatives for assistance. SKS suggests testing these roll-on bottles to ensure compatibility with your products.

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