Product Spotlight - Aromatherapy Roll On Bottles

Glass Roll On Bottles for Aromatherapy Blends

SKS offers a variety of dark colored and frosted glass roll on bottles with several options plastic caps to choose from to packaging products such as aromatherapy blends. These conveniently sized roll on bottles provide a stylish option for traveling and use on the go.

Frosted & Dark Colored Glass Roll On Bottles for Aromatherapy Blends

Dark colored glass roll on bottles are a dynamic packaging choice that provides UV protection for aromatherapy blends. Essential oils can be susceptible to light, oxygen, and moisture, which makes these dark colored glass containers top choice to protect your ingredients from degrading. These roll on bottles allow for a soft rolling application of aromatherapy blends that could include calming, stress relief, energizing, tension relaxation, and more with ease.

  • Glass Roll On Bottles:
  • Capacity of .35 oz
  • Polypropylene roller balls
  • PE housing
  • Polypropylene threaded caps

The glass roll on bottles come in a .35 oz capacity that is a convenient traveling size to store within purses, backpacks, and more. The small volume also allows for certain scents that can help ease motion sickness and nerves to be packaged for air travel. The polypropylene threaded caps securely screw onto the roll on bottles once the PE housing and polypropylene roller balls have been placed.

Frosted glass roll on bottles are made from a clear glass roll on bottle that has been expertly frosted and colored in your choice of green or blue. For a shiny appearance, choose purple or bronze coated roll on bottles, or amber glass roll on bottles. The variety of colors available create options for bundling top selling sets and can be pair with euro dropper bottles for a full product line. These roll on bottles offer high level branding to help your delicately crafted blends stand out. With such a large variety of essential oils and creative blends, SKS highly suggests testing your products with your chosen roll on bottle to ensure compatibility.

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