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Product Spotlight - Foaming Pump Bottles

Product Spotlight - Foaming Pump Bottles

SKS offers white, clear, and amber foaming pump bottles with compatible foamer pumps. Foaming pump bottles provide a clean, efficient dispensing option for a variety of bath and body products.

How Foaming Pump Bottles Work

Foaming pump bottles are designed to produce a light, airy foam from your products with a quick stroke of the pump. The foamer pumps work best with products that have thin, water like consistencies. Small beads, such as cleaning scrubbers or foundation tones, can be added, but should be tested to ensure a correct formula for problem free dispensing. The pumps have foaming chambers that integrate air into your formula, which then travels through the pump necks. This allows your product to dispense in a clean, even stream, without the use of gas propellants.

White Foaming Pump Bottles

White Foaming Pump BottlesThe white cylinder foaming pump bottles are available in 50 ml and 100 ml sizes with matching white foamer pumps. This complete set can bring a crisp, clean look to cleansers, cosmetics, and other body care products. The 50 ml foamer pumps dispense .4 ml per stroke, while the 100 ml foamer pumps output 1.2 ml per stroke. The white cylinder foaming pump bottles are composed of flexible HDPE plastic, providing barriers against alcohols, oils, and bases that may be used as ingredients in many formulas. For a larger size, opt for the white PET foaming pump bottles with a choice of white or black foaming pumps. The PET foaming pump bottles feature tapered oval shapes in capacities of 250 ml. The compatible black or white foamer pumps dispense 1.5 ml per stroke.

Clear and Amber Foaming Pump Bottles

Clear and Amber Foaming Pump BottlesClear foaming pump bottles are available in two different shapes and sizes. These cylinder shaped bottles hold up to 50 ml, making them ideal for on-the-go body care products. These small bottles can easily fit inside purses, gym bags, and suitcases to take along anywhere you need to go! The larger bottles can hold up to 250 ml and have oval shaped bases and tapered tops. These durable bottles take up minimal space and are ideal for the home to be used in bathrooms, kitchens, or on makeup counters. The amber PET 250 ml foaming pump bottles add an additional layer of protection for UV sensitive products and could also be used to distinguish between different product lines. PET is one of the most widely used plastics due to its many barriers and recyclability. The clear 50 ml foaming pump bottles have white matching foamer pumps with outputs of .4 ml per stroke, and the 250 ml foaming pump bottles in clear and amber have options of either white or black foamer pumps, both with 1.5 ml outputs per stroke.

white bottle and black foamer pumpFor variety, the white, clear, and amber 250 foaming pump bottles are compatible with the same white and black foamer pumps. Purchase in bulk and create your own sets to differentiate between day and night products, children's and adult body care products, or to create a full set featuring your custom labels.

It is recommended to avoid over filling the foaming bottles so that your product does not reach the foaming chamber, which can result in an inconsistent foam. It is also recommended to test the foamer pumps with your product. Finding the right balance between your unique formula and the foaming action is pivotal in providing a problem free experience for your customer. Don't hesitate to contact our customer service department with any questions you may have!

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