Product Spotlight - Disc Top Caps

Disc top caps are great dispensing cap option for products that include hair care products, spa essentials, and skin care products. Each style disc top cap features a polypropylene construction, inner threading, and orifice opening, and can be paired with a variety of plastic bottles.

Bottles w/ Disc Top Caps for Spa Essentials

SKS offers PS22 and induction lined disc top caps that are great for packaging spa essentials, like massage oils and lotions, manicure and pedicure supplies, and more. This spotlight showcases the benefits of disc top caps with PS22 and induction liners to ensure you find the right liners to fit your product needs!

Skin Care Bottles w/ Disc Top Caps

Silver or gold disc top caps make great covers for packaging skin care products such as lotions, sunscreens, and exfoliants in a variety of stylish plastic bottles offered by SKS. These dispensing caps have a unique style and offer easy application of your products. Not sure how these disc top caps will work with your products? This spotlight provides useful details regarding these gold and silver disc top caps for informed purchasing.

Hair Care Bottles w/ Disc Top Caps

Disc top caps paired with a range of plastic bottles easily dispense hair care products with minimal effort. These durable dispensing caps do not utilize dip tubes and offer mess-free storage. They are a top choice for packaging hair care products used in salons and at home.

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