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Product Spotlight - Disc Top Caps

Product Spotlight - Disc Top Caps

The disc top caps sold by SKS are composed of polypropylene plastic, a top choice in the production of caps and bottles due to its durable construction. With substantial barriers and resistances to many common elements and ingredients, polypropylene plastic disc top caps are an exceptional choice when packaging shampoos, conditioners, and other body care products.

Disc Top Caps

Unlined Disc Top CapsDisc top caps have orifices on one side that are hidden when the caps are closed. To open, press the side of the disc top cap typically marked with the word "Press" to expose its orifice. Be aware that disc top caps are not compatible with dip tubes. Keep the properties of your product in mind when choosing a container, as a proper match is pivotal for smooth dispensing. Our flexible HDPE plastic bottles allow for squeezing, and pair well with disc top caps for high viscosity products, while our PET plastic bottles work best for products with a thinner consistency. For the best dispensing results, be sure to test your products with the disc top caps and bottles you have selected.

SKS has unlined disc top caps in white, black, natural, gold, and silver for a variety of options to pair with the collection of color plastic bottles available. For dispensing, the orifice openings are conveniently listed below:
  • 20/410: .270"
  • 24/410: .310" For black disc top caps: 24/410: .308" and 24/415: .310"
  • 28/410: .325"

For added style, the silver disc top caps have an outer ABS shiny shell that creates a smooth, luxurious feel for various product lines. The gold disc top caps have a white polypropylene top and a gold metalized aluminum shell for a bright, luminous appearance.

Lined Disc Top Caps

Lined Disc Top Caps

Add dimension to your packaging with your choice of white or black disc top caps. PS22 liners are available within both cap options. The PS22 liners are pressure sensitive and include the phrase "Sealed for Your Protection" printed on the top layer. The liners adhere to the bottle necks once the disc top caps have been securely screwed onto the bottles and left in place for approximately 48 hours. The liners will stay adhered to the bottles until removed before use.

Lined Disc Top Caps
Consider the white and black induction lined disc top caps to provide a more secure seal for your products. Induction liners require an induction sealing system for activation, which are available in different styles to meet your production needs. The seals are tamper evident, hermetic, and observed to reduce oxidation. Whether shipping products or selling on the shelves, induction lined disc top caps are beneficial on many levels.

Disc top caps can be a functional and dynamic choice for packaging products in a variety of industries. Want to see if disc top caps can work for you? Contact our helpful customer service department with any questions you may have!

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