Top 5 Reasons to Choose PET Plastic Containers

Benefits of PET Packaging

There are many factors in choosing the right type of plastic packaging for your products. It is important to consider how any plastic material will affect your unique product during production, transportation and storage. PET is one of the top choices in plastic packaging in many industries, from food and beverage, to bath and body care and much more. SKS has compiled a list of the top 5 reasons why PET Plastic Containers could be the right choice for your product!

Variety of PET Plastic Containers

PET plastic bottles are available in a vibrant spectrum of colors including amber, blue, green, purple, black, white, frosted, and clear. Choose from dozens of unique styles, sizes and closure options for nearly endless possibilities!

In PET plastic jars you can choose from clear, amber, blue, green, purple, black, and white. For even more variety, other options include PET roll-on containers, tottles, vials and more. The broad selection of PET packaging could be used to create a full product line to accentuate your products and fit your company's unique design aesthetic.
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Protection For Your Product

PET plastic bottles and jars offer a list of reliable barriers and resistances to help maintain the freshness and integrity of your product. These helpful properties include good resistances to moisture, oxygen, grease and oil, as well as protection from cold temperatures and sunlight. In darker and opaque colors such as amber PET, these durable plastic containers also offer an added level of UV protection, helping to protect products that may be sensitive to light.
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Versatility in Closure Options

PET plastic bottles and jars are compatible with our largest selection of dispensing and non-dispensing caps to create a dynamic packaging appearance with a secure seal and ease of use for your customer.

Dispensing caps include lotion pumps, fine mist sprayers, disc top caps, and snap top caps. In non-dispensing caps, choose from plastic and metal options with the option of included liners to protect your product, help prevent leakage and minimize reactions.
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Safety of PET Packaging

Another notable characteristic of PET packaging is its high level of familiarity and customer recognition. PET plastic is widely used as a packaging material in many industries, and prevalent in our everyday lives, allowing customers to confidently purchase products in PET plastic bottles and jars. SKS' PET plastic bottles and jars are FDA approved and BPA free, making them a popular and safe choice in the food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries as well as many others.
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Durability of PET Plastic

PET plastic bottles and jars are highly durable during shipment, storage and use, offering an excellent level of rigidity and impact resistance. What does durability mean in reference to packaging? PET plastic bottles and jars are highly resistant to impact, meaning that they will not shatter when accidentally dropped. These sturdy and reliable plastic containers will maintain their shape and integrity within a wide temperature range of 14° F - 160° F.

PET plastic is also easy to recycle when the containers are empty! PET plastic is listed under recycle code #1, and is accepted in nearly all plastic recycling centers.
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