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SKS offers shrink bands and heat shrink capsules for a practical tamper evident seal. These tamper evident seals can be applied using a heat gun and are paired with a large variety of glass, plastic, and metal containers.

PVC for Shrink Bands & Heat Shrink Capsules

Shrink bands and heat shrink capsules are typically composed of PVC for various reasons:
  • PVC retains grease, oil, acid and oxygen barriers even at the thickness of .2 mm.
  • PVC is clear but can easily be colored and printed.
  • PVC has a high melting point and can be applied with a heat gun without losing integrity.
  • PVC maintains the shape needed to create a tamper evident seal once cooled.

Shrink bands and heat shrink capsules provide tamper evident seals for plastic and glass bottles, jars, vials, and metal tins. Each style can be easily removed when opening a container and reassures customers that the product has not been previously opened or tampered with. Shrink bands and heat shrink capsules are versatile, cost-effective, and can easily integrate into many types of product lines.

Shrink Band & Heat Shrink Capsule Options

Clear shrink bands and heat shrink capsules offer tamper evident seals while adding a slightly glossy finish around the container or container neck. Clear shrink bands are available in a range of sizes and can seal small vials to large jars with ease. Clear heat shrink capsules include silver tear tabs and clear shrink bands feature a perforated line for easy opening.

Colored shrink bands offer a bit of variety for product packaging. Sell salad dressings? Choose red shrink bands for red pepper infused flavors and green shrink bands for herb blends. Choose black shiny or matte shrink bands to bring out the boldness of your label or white shrink bands to provide a clean, sleek look. Clear and colored tamper evident shrink bands are economical and easy to apply. When browsing through SKS' inventory of plastic, glass, and metal containers, click the Add-ons menu to see compatible shrink band options.

Choose from a variety of matte heat shrink capsule colors for sealing bottles, such as bar top and moonshine bottles paired with a variety of cork stoppers. These colored capsules can be used to showcase top-tier blends, a variety of different flavors, and more. The tear tabs can be pulled to create a circular tear along the tamper evident seal and easily remove these heat shrink capsules after application.

The easiest way to purchase shrink bands and heat shrink capsules is to select a container and click on the shrink band image in the Add-ons section for a drop down menu of compatible options.

There are a few reasons why shrink bands may not be available with some containers:
  • Shrink bands are not compatible with a certain container style.
    In some situations, containers will have measurements that seem compatible with shrink bands listed, but the shape, neck or shoulders of the containers are unsuitable for forming a tamper evident seal once applied.
  • The caps paired with the containers are not compatible with shrink bands.
    Some of these caps can include lotion pumps, or some twist top caps and bulb glass droppers.
  • The correct size is not available.
    Shrink bands must be within a certain millimeter range of the container diameter to work properly. Shrink bands that are too small will tear on the perforation before sealing, and shrink bands that are too big will not correctly shrink to the shape of the containers.

If shrink bands do not appear in the Add-ons section for the container(s) you have chosen, but you have calculated a size that could work with the product, feel free to contact us to create a test order. SKS will provide a sample of the shrink band sizes you have selected to test before purchasing a full bag or case.

Shrink bands and heat shrink capsules have a quick application process; just a short amount of time with a heat gun and you have functional tamper evident seals. SKS offers the EC 100K heat gun with nozzle attachments, which can be used with a large range of containers and includes a hard carrying case for easy transportation.

Choosing a heat gun over a hair dryer is recommended. While a household hair dryer will work when applying shrink bands, a heat gun is more efficient for fast and consistent production runs. Our heat gun has two heat level settings: 500° F and 1000° F, as well as an option for a high or low fan speed. A quick "how-to" video guide on applying shrink bands is available on our website.

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