Product Spotlight - Plastisol Lined Caps

Plastisol lined caps carried by SKS feature plasticized PVC resin sprayed around the inner perimeter. Plasticizing during the manufacturing process causes the PVC to become more flexible and malleable to create the commonly seen hermetic seal. The plastisol liner begins as a solid liner within the caps. As it is heated, the liner becomes softened and pliable. While the liner cools, it solidifies and begins to create a an airtight, tamper evident seal that is durable and can extend product shelf life when applied correctly.

Canning with Plastisol Liners

SKS offers threaded and lug metal caps with plastisol liners for canning and preserving a range of food products that could include sauces, jams, and more. These durable metal caps are available in a variety of sizes to match clear glass jars for long term storage, or for selling your food products within stores, at farmers markets, or online.

Drinks with Plastisol Liners

Metal plastisol lined caps are available with small neck finishes and are paired with a range of clear glass bottles for packaging drinks and other food products. Plastisol liners feature a tamper evident seal under the caps for secure packaging and ease of mind for customers. Choose from a range of metal cap colors in threaded and lug options to create a fully dynamic beverage product line.

Plastisol liners can be activated through many different canning processes, including pressure, water bath, and open-kettle. The best method can be determined by the batch size, equipment available, and product ingredients. SKS highly suggests testing your canning method with the plastisol lined metal caps to ensure compatibility. For more information regarding canning, be sure to visit the NCHFP website for publications, resources, and an informative FAQ section.

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