Product Spotlight - Plastic and Glass Woozy Bottles

Plastic and glass woozy bottles offer high-end appeal and are easy to use when dispensing a variety of products. The tall, slender neck reduces the amount of product that reaches the opening, which decreases the risk of spills and splashes. The neck finish on these woozy bottles allows for use with plastic or metal caps, and some sizes also include orifice reducers for additional control when pouring. The tapered shoulders provide a comfortable grip and the sturdy base has a rounded shape to create an all around unique style when packaging body care products and delicious food products.

Woozy Bottles for Body Care Products

SKS offers clear glass and plastic woozy bottles that provide an eye-catching display when packaging a line of body care products. The unique style pairs well with lotion pumps, disc top caps, and corks. Clear plastic woozy bottles could be used to package products from lotions and shampoos, to bath salts for all around pampering!

Woozy Bottles for Food Packaging

Clear glass and plastic woozy bottles with orifice reducers, metal caps, and plastic caps are a top choice when packaging sauces, salad dressings, and more. The slender neck assists with pouring, the sturdy round bases are great for use in restaurants and kitchens, and smooth sides offer easy labeling, making woozy bottles a convenient and stylish choice.

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