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Product Spotlight - Plastic and Glass Woozy Bottles

Product Spotlight - Plastic and Glass Woozy Bottles

Plastic and glass woozy bottles could package a range of products, from salad dressings and sauces to lotions and body care products.

Woozy Bottle Style

Woozy Bottle StylePlastic and glass woozy bottles offer an eye catching appearance with many features to assist in dispensing. Compared to other glass bottles, the tall, slender neck reduces the amount of product that reaches the opening, which decreases the risk of spills and splashes.

The neck finish on these woozy bottles allows for use with plastic or metal caps and some sizes also include orifice reducers for additional control while pouring. The tapered shoulders provide a comfortable grip, while the sturdy base has a rounded shape to create an all around unique, yet still recognizable appearance. Both glass and plastic woozy bottles have high clarity to showcase products and offer ample room for branding.

Plastic Woozy Bottles

Plastic Woozy Bottles PET plastic woozy bottles in 8 oz and 14.5 oz sizes have a 24/410 neck finish for compatibility with a variety of caps and orifice reducers. These bottles can be squeezed making them a good option for products like, dressings and marinades. Opt for plastic woozy bottles with white or black ribbed caps and orifice reducers for a controlled pour of a variety of toppings.

Orifice reducers sit flush on the opening of the bottle, and limit the amount of product dispensed. These reducers have a .192" orifice creating a steady stream of product, which reduces over pouring and spilling. Select from compatible shrink bands to finish the look with a tamper evident seal.

Plastic Woozy BottlesFor additional packaging options, consider pairing 8 oz woozy bottles with black or white lotion pumps to dispense .5 ml of lotion or soap per stroke. For a more stylish look, pair white, black, natural, silver, or gold disc top caps with plastic woozy bottles to create a full line of body care and spa products. The disc top caps remain on the bottles and easily dispense product from a .310 orifice opening when the bottle is gently squeezed.

Cork stoppers offer a more artistic style of packaging. It is recommended cork stoppers be paired with solid products, such as bath salts. Browse the variety of caps compatible with these bottles by purchasing in bulk and using the cap codes to choose from the extensive inventory SKS has to offer.

Glass Woozy Bottles

Glass Woozy BottlesGlass woozy bottles are ideal for housing food products because glass is nonporous, impermeable, recyclable, and reusable. The 1.7 oz, 5 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz glass woozy bottles are compatible with a selection of plastic and metal caps. Woozy bottle kits paired with white, black, red, gold, and metal aluminum caps have orifice reducers to assist with pouring products like hot sauces or infused oils.

There are also woozy bottle kit options without an orifice reducer. Pair woozy bottles with white or black ribbed F217 lined caps to provide multipurpose packaging for products, including salad dressings and marinades.

Glass Woozy Bottles Black metal plastisol lined caps paired with glass woozy bottles create a hermetic tamper evident seal when sealed by various canning and preserving processes. Silver aluminum metal caps with PE liners or white metal caps with foil liners help woozy bottles stand out when paired with vibrant labels and delicious looking products.

Creativity is made simple by the many combinations of compatible caps and closures. Pair glass woozy bottles with cork stoppers or purchase in bulk to browse the large range of plastic or metal caps with liners to fit your applications.

Woozy bottles provide a unique look with a high level of functionality for your products. SKS highly suggests testing these woozy bottles with your products to ensure complete combability.

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