Product Spotlight - Glass & Plastic Woozy Bottles

Woozy Bottles for Food Products

Clear glass and plastic woozy bottles with orifice reducers, metal caps, and plastic caps can be a top choice when packaging sauces, salad dressings, and more. With the slender neck that assists with pouring, the sturdy round bases for use in restaurants and kitchens, and smooth sides for labeling easily make woozy bottles a convenient and stylish choice.

Packaging Food Products in Glass & Plastic Woozy Bottles

Glass woozy bottles are ideal for housing food products due to being nonporous, impermeable, recyclable, and reusable. Clear PET woozy bottles are also a top choice due to high durability, strong barriers against oxygen, grease, oil, and impact resistance.

Each size of these glass and plastic woozy bottles is compatible with orifice reducers for controlled pouring. The orifice reducers feature a 4.9 mm hole for a thin, steady stream when dispensing liquid products.

Woozy Bottles for Food Products
  • Woozy Bottles with Orifice Reducers:
  • Glass woozy bottles with black, white, red, or gold plastic caps
  • Glass woozy bottles with silver metal caps
  • Plastic woozy bottles with black or white plastic caps

When orifice reducers are not required, SKS offers clear glass woozy bottles paired with metal or plastic caps to match your needs. Choose from a variety of sizes to create full product lines, samples, or gift sets.

Plastic and silver metal caps paired with glass woozy bottles include PE-F217 liners, which provide excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalies, solvents, alcohols, oils, and aqueous products. They also offer low moisture transmission rates, odor resistance, and have adequate taste resistance. White metal caps with foil liners provide resistance to hydro carbonates, oils, ketones, and alcohols, making them useful with stronger components.

Plastic and glass woozy bottles can be a great choice for packaging a range of food products. As always, SKS highly suggests testing your products with the packaging of your choice to ensure compatibility.

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