Product Spotlight - Induction Lined Caps

Induction lined caps offer high durability, extended usability and one of the most effective, reliable seals available when packaging products in a range of diverse industries. SKS offers plastic ribbed and smooth induction lined caps that can be applied to a wide range of plastic bottles and jars using an induction sealing system. These plastic caps could safely and securely seal medicated skin and hair care products, food products, industrial cleaning supplies and much more.

  • Top Benefits of Induction Lined Caps:
  • Extended shelf life for your product
  • Highest level of tamper evidence
  • Airtight & leak proof
  • Meets many common packaging standards and requirements
  • Increased customer confidence when purchasing

Choose from a selection of induction sealing machines to match any level of production with ease. Not sure how induction sealing machines work? Watch a short video on using the Enercon Super Seal™ Jr. and review our useful Help/Info pages.

Food Containers w/ Induction Lined Caps

Clear PET plastic bottles and jars with induction lined caps could be used to package salad dressings, sauces, spreads, and much more. SKS offers a selection of induction lined packaging that will fit your products' packaging requirements and provide a secure seal to keep your food products fresh.

Skin Care Packaging w/ Induction Lined Caps

Medicated skin care and hair care products often include stronger compounds than conventional creams and shampoos, requiring a more effective seal during storage and shipment. Choose plastic bottles and jars with induction lined caps to keep the active ingredients in your skin care formula secure before use, ensuring the best experience for your customers.

Industrial Cleaner Bottles w/ Induction Lined Caps

When packaging highly concentrated cleaning supplies, reliable seals and tamper evidence are a high priority. Induction lined caps provide an effective, leak proof seal to eliminate spills during transportation and storage. For additional security, a selection of induction lined caps also includes child resistant closures.

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