Product Spotlight - Industrial Cleaners w/ Induction Lined Caps

Cleaning Supplies with Induction Lined Caps

Maintaining an effective and reliable seal is a top priority when packaging highly concentrated household cleaners and other chemical or industrial products. Induction lined caps provide a leak proof seal to prevent spills during transportation and storage. Whether you distribute cleaning supplies online or stock them on store shelves, utilize induction lined caps to promote safety and ensure customer satisfaction. For additional security, we offer a selection of induction lined caps that are also child resistant.

Plastic Jugs with Induction Lined Caps for Cleaners

F-style jugs in white or natural, and natural round jugs are offered in large capacities to package industrial cleaning liquids, detergents, powders, and more. If your cleaning supplies are intended for home use, choose natural F-style with child resistant induction lined caps to keep your products out of the reach of children.

  • Highlights:
  • Molded handles
  • Highly durable
  • Strong moisture barriers

The HDPE round or F-style jugs offer high impact resistance, reducing the chance of spillage if the containers are dropped or damaged. HDPE is significantly resistant to chemicals, making it a top choice for industrial cleaning supplies.
When packaging cleaning concentrates in smaller volumes including spot cleaners, pesticides, and soaps, choose these clear and natural plastic bottles offered with induction lined twist top caps. These kits provide a convenient and controlled method of applying liquids to reduce waste during use. The flexible plastic bottles offer easy dispensing and are available in convenient sizes to pair with plastic jugs for full product lines.
The HS035 induction liners are composed of paper and aluminum foil layers, bonded with a seal coating. Compatible with PET, LDPE, and other plastic materials, these induction liners are pre-installed in the black and natural twist top caps and can be applied with induction sealers. SKS highly suggests thorough testing of the induction lined caps and industrial cleaning containers to ensure complete compatibility with your cleaning compounds.

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