Product Spotlight - Frosted Cosmetic Containers

SKS offers a variety of glass and plastic containers that are carefully frosted to provide a unique and lasting look. SKS operates in conjunction with one of the industry's leading container coating and printing companies for a top-of-the-line finish. The frosting is applied in a precise, even coat in a spray form and is formulated to have high scratch resistance. Choose frosted containers for cosmetic packaging, skin care packaging, and much more!

Cosmetic Packaging

For packaging a range of cosmetics, choose from a variety of glass frosted jars, bottles, and roll on containers to fit your needs. These frosted glass containers feature a high end appeal and are easily paired with plastic, metal, and dispensing caps. SKS also offers additional services for customized frosting.

Skin Care Packaging

For skin care products, such as lotion, hydrating body spray, face wash, and more, choose glass and plastic frosted bottles and jars. These stylish containers include a variety of dispensing and non-dispensing caps to use with skin care products efficiently and effectively.

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