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Product Spotlight - Frosted Containers

SKS offers a variety of glass and plastic containers that feature a unique frosted finish. Frosted glass and plastic containers are aesthetically appealing and work seamlessly with many products.

Frosting Application

Both glass and plastic containers are carefully frosted to provide a finished look that will last. SKS operates in conjunction with one of the industry's leading container coating and printing companies for a top of the line application. The frosting is completed in a spray form with a high degree of accuracy and precision. It is applied in an even coat and formulated to have high scratch resistance.

Frosted Glass Containers

These frosted glass bottles feature the classic shape of boston round bottles but with an added layer of style. Available in 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz sizes, these frosted glass bottles have endless cap options. Choose black ribbed fine mist sprayers or black pumps with these frosted glass bottles for a polished look.

The dispensing caps could be used with a range of products such as conditioners, serums, body sprays and cosmetics. As a non-dispensing option, opt for the silver aluminum PE lined caps. These silver aluminum caps are designed to prevent rust, and could be eye-catching for colorful bath salts and oils.

For applications including perfumes, aromatherapy and cosmetics, frosted glass roll on bottles can stylishly integrate into a product line. These metal caps are available with the classic or clear glass frosted roll on bottles, or choose or blue or or green frosted glass roll ons to add a touch of color in your product line.
Frosted Glass Containers

Frosted glass jars have straight sided, tall shapes and are available in 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz sizes. Pair with smooth white or black phenolic caps to achieve a sleek look for creams or luxurious face masks.

The frosting application provides a semi-translucent appearance, and with a custom label, a polished and cohesive look can be achieved. SKS also has frosted glass candle jars if your product does not require a cap. These frosted glass candle jars hold 7.75 oz and have a solid base for easy handling.

Frosted Plastic Containers

Frosted plastic bottles are available in 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz in a tall, slender cosmo round shape. The flexibility of the PET frosted plastic bottles makes them a great option for pairing with disc top caps as well as other closures that require dispensing by squeezing. Purchase in kits with either white or black disc top caps, or purchase the bottles in bulk to pair with various cap options. Another stylish dispensing option are the white fine mist sprayers with brushed aluminum collars. These fine mist sprayers have an output of .120 - 0.140 mcl and dispense a light airy mist, which could be useful for many applications including hair care products.

Frosted plastic jars have a different aesthetic than natural plastic jars, which are also semi-opaque in appearance. SKS carries frosted polypropylene jars in 2 oz and 4 oz sizes in a thick wall straight sided style. The thick wall style of these frosted plastic jars provides durability, as well as many useful barriers and impact resistance. Be sure to match these jars with smooth black caps or white dome caps for cosmetics, body care products and more.
Frosted Plastic Containers

Custom Frosted Containers

SKS provides the added service of custom frosting containers in glass or plastic. The frosting service provides the same high level of application as our stock frosted items and can be applied to many other containers, from blue cosmo round bottles to amber glass jars and much more! The minimum purchase per item is 10,000 pieces and lead times vary based on the containers chosen. For additional information, be sure to contact our customer service department for a quote.
Custom Frosted Containers

Whether in glass or plastic, frosted containers are an elegant way to package a variety of products. Be sure to consider frosted containers for your product line and contact us with any questions.

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