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Frosted Glass Cosmetic Packaging

For packaging a range of cosmetics, choose from a variety of glass frosted jars, bottles, and roll on containers to fit your needs. These frosted glass containers feature a high end appeal and are easily paired with plastic, metal, and dispensing caps. SKS also offers additional services for customized frosting.

Frosted Glass Containers for Cosmetic Packaging

SKS offers a range of frosted containers for packaging cosmetics with ease. Frosted glass jars are tall, with matching plastic or metal caps, that can package products, like cosmetic wipes or creams. The frosted glass jars feature impermeable walls that provide an excellent barrier against moisture and will not change or interact with cosmetics. The construction also prevents these frosted glass jars from degrading when packaging products with chemicals.

Frosted glass bottles with dispensing caps could be a great option for packaging eye serums, foundation, makeup setting spray, and more. Frosted glass bottles are semi-transparent and allow customers to see how much product they have left, while also offering a high end presentation. These frosted glass bottles are available in a variety of sizes in the standard boston round style for creating a distinct and versatile product line.

  • Frosted Glass Bottles:
  • Frosted bottles with white or black fine mist sprayers
  • Frosted bottles with white or black pumps
  • Frosted bottles with white or black droppers

SKS carries frosted glass roll on bottles with a selection of polypropylene plastic caps to package cosmetic products, like concealer, perfume, and more. The frosted glass roll on bottles include PE housings and polypropylene balls that easily snap into place after filling. With a capacity of .35 oz, these frosted glass roll on bottles are a top choice when packaging cosmetic sample sizes for customers.

  • Frosted Glass Roll On Bottles:
  • Clear frosted glass roll on bottles
  • Blue frosted glass roll on bottles
  • Green frosted glass roll on bottles

SKS offers the added service of custom frosting glass or plastic containers. The frosting service offers the same high level of application as our frosted stock items and can be applied to many other containers, from blue cosmo round bottles to amber glass jars and much more! The minimum purchase per item is 10,000 pieces, and lead times vary based on the containers chosen. For additional information, be sure to contact our customer care team for a quote.

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