Product Spotlight - Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco friendly packaging is a clear choice when you are looking to package all natural products and present them to your customers in a stylish and appealing way. Choose from paperboard, recycled plastics, and hemp packaging for cosmetics, toiletries, body care products and more.

Paperboard Packaging for Cosmetics

When choosing eco friendly packaging for your line of all natural cosmetics, paperboard tubes and jars can provide a dynamic appearance, while complementing your environmentally conscious products. Paperboard packaging is renewable, biodegradable, recyclable and durable, with a reduced environmental impact when compared to petroleum based materials.

PIR & PCR Body Care Containers

PIR & PCR plastic containers are available for body care products with sustainability in mind. Choose black eco friendly jars or clear deli tubs for products that could include lotions, salves, bath salts and more. PIR & PCR are stylish packaging choices that help to reduce the amount of plastic reaching landfills, while minimizing the use of fossil fuels in production.

Hemp Toiletry Bags with Zippers

Sustainable and durable, hemp is a popular choice in eco-friendly packaging materials. When packaging cosmetic sets, travel toiletries and more, choose hemp bags with convenient zippers as an eco friendly alternative to PVC vinyl bags. In various sizes, these hemp zipper bags include hang loops and durable zipper closures to keep your toiletry sets secure in suitcases and carry-ons during travel.

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