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Product Spotlight - Child Resistant Caps

Product Spotlight - Child Resistant Caps

Child resistant caps are essential for preventing children from accessing potentially harmful products. SKS is a great resource for a variety of child resistant caps in both dispensing and non-dispensing varieties.

Child Resistant Packaging

Referring to the The FDA during the packaging selection process could save valuable time and resources later on. Many types of products require child resistant packaging, including:

  • E-Liquids
  • Over the Counter Remedies
  • CBD Products
  • Mouthwash
  • Liquid Cough Suppressants
  • Household Cleaning Agents

Other customers choose to use child resistant caps at their own discretion, even if there are no current requirements for them. Child resistant caps provide reliable seals and encourage the end user to take care while using the products.

Child Resistant Caps, Dispensing Options

Dispensing Child Resistant Caps

White and black child resistant bulb glass droppers pair seamlessly with many of the glass and plastic containers that SKS has in stock.

The child resistant bulb glass droppers draw the product into the pipette with an easy squeeze of the bulb. The attached child resistant plastic caps require a push-down and turn motion to open, effectively preventing access by young children. These child resistant caps work with compatible glass bottles or plastic vials for an array of applications.

Dispensing Child Resistant CapsBlack child resistant caps with orifice reducers have 18 mm neck finishes (Cap Code A7) and have a ribbed style. The black child resistant caps are composed of polypropylene plastic with tamper evident rings attached. These child proof caps include orifice reducers with 1 mm openings, which are pushed into the necks of bottles once the caps are in place. Orifice reducers assist in the controlled dispensing of many products such as essential oils, homeopathic remedies and more.

Dispensing Child Resistant CapsDropper tip caps are made to be paired with dropper tip plugs. SKS offers two styles of child resistant dropper tip caps. Child resistant dropper tip caps are available in a 15/415 finish (Cap Code V3) in an array of vibrant colors. Choose these child resistant dropper tip caps for a product line containing various flavors, colors or scents, or select a color that brings out your product or logo. Child resistant dropper tip caps are also sold in white or black and include tamper evident rings. These child proof caps have 13/415 neck finishes (Cape Code U10) and work with our versatile natural LDPE dropper bottles.

Child Resistant Caps, Non-Dispensing Options

Non-Dispensing Child Resistant Caps

Black child resistant caps are sold in numerous neck finishes with the "Universal Picture" for child resistant closures on the lid. This embossed image illustrates how to open these child resistant caps. Black child resistant caps in a 70/400 neck finish are compatible with durable black HDPE low profile jars that could work with dry medicinal products or medicated creams and salves.

Non-Dispensing Child Resistant Caps
White child resistant caps are a standard within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as many others, and are available in a wide selection of neck finishes to match plastic bottles and plastic jars of various styles. As a popular choice, opt for the white child resistant caps with PE liners. PE liners provide significant barriers and good chemical resistance.

The same ribbed polypropylene child resistant caps are offered with induction liners that create tamper evident, hermetic seals. The induction liners are HS035F universal liners that require an induction sealer for proper sealing, and are printed with the phrase "Sealed for Your Protection." White child resistant caps with Snap-Lok include an additional security measure. These child resistant caps have Snap-Lok pressers installed that must be used with compatible containers which include the bypass tab. The child resistant caps include the multilayered .035" FS-Pulp/PE induction liners. Once the .035" FS-Pulp/PE induction liners have bee applied by the induction machines, the PE layer of the liners will remain inside the child resistant caps. The induction liners cannot be reapplied once sealed. Induction liners paired with child resistant caps provide one of the strongest packaging options for the safety and preservation of products.

Child resistant caps could be a great addition to your packaging line whether required, or simply desired to provide your customers with peace of mind and confidence in your products. Contact our customer service department if you have any questions regarding usage of these child proof caps or testing for compatibility.

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