Shrink Bands

What are Shrink Bands?

A shrink band is a .2 mm thick band of clear or colored PVC that fits around the opening of the containers that creates a tamper-evident seal when activated. Shrink bands are removed by pulling the single vertical perforation and can not be reapplied once removed.

Shrink Band Benefits

Applying shrink bands is fast, easy, and cost-effective when creating a tamper-evident seal. SKS has shrink bands compatible with glass, plastic, and metal containers and only requires a heat gun for application compared to more expensive induction sealing machines for activating induction lined caps. Shrink bands reassure customers that your products have not been previously opened for a higher level of confidence and offer a more professional look.

Shrink Bands are Easy to Apply

  1. The easiest way to purchase shrink bands is to select a container and click on the shrink band image in the Add-ons section for a drop-down menu of compatible options. SKS also offers the Shrink Band Compatibility Chart to locate the correct shrink bands for your glass, plastic, and metal containers.
  2. To mold, the shrink bands warm up the heat gun and then begin shrinking by pulling the heat gun's trigger and slowly waving the nozzle back and forth for an even seal. Watch our heat gun how-to video for a step-by-step guide on creating a solid tamper-evident seal.

When Using Shrink Bands, Keep in Mind...

There are a few reasons why shrink bands may not be available with containers:

  • Shrink bands are not compatible with a specific container style. In some situations, containers will have consistent measurements with shrink bands listed. Yet, the containers' shape, neck, or shoulders are unsuitable for forming a tamper-evident seal once applied.
  • The caps paired with the containers are not compatible with shrink bands. These caps can sometimes include lotion pumps or some twist top caps and bulb glass droppers.
  • The correct size is not available. Shrink bands must be within a specific millimeter range of the container diameter to work correctly. Shrink bands that are too small will tear on the perforation before sealing, and shrink bands that are too big will not perfectly shrink to the shape of the containers.

If shrink bands do not appear in the Add-ons section for the container(s) you have chosen, but you have calculated a size that could work with the product, don't hesitate to contact us to create a test order. SKS will provide a sample of the shrink band sizes you have selected to test before purchasing a full bag or case.

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