Shrink Bands

What are Shrink Bands?

A band of PVC plastic that fits around the cap and neck, or sometimes the whole bottle or jar, which must be torn and removed to open the container. Once the band has been removed it is not possible to reapply the used band. Our stock shrink bands are 0.2 mm thick with a vertical perforation for easy removal.

Shrink Band Benefits

Shrink band application is a fast and easy way to offer your customers a tamper evident container. Whether you're packaging anything from food to pharmaceuticals, shrink bands are an economical solution to add value and protection to your products. More cost effective than purchasing tamper evident caps or induction sealing equipment, shrink bands can cost just pennies per piece.

Shrink Bands are Easy to Apply

  1. First, select the correct size shrink band for your product and simply slide the shrink band over the cap and container, leaving enough room at the top for the band to form to the cap.
    >> Shrink Band Compatibility Chart
  2. Second, apply heat evenly with a heat gun or hair drier until the band has shrunk, giving you a snug tamper evident seal.

When Using Shrink Bands, Keep in Mind...

Container Design
The most common problem with bands is improperly designed components. If the bottle or jar you wish to shrink band has a straight neck with no lip, the band can be removed intact. To get a properly fitting shrink band the container should have a lip for the band to cling to. A straight-sided cap can cause a similar problem if the band does not come up and over the top. Containers like these require shrink bands that fit over the entire container.

If you are unable to find a shrink band on our website that is compatible with your container, we can help! SKS can produce custom shrink bands and sleeves in unique sizes, colors and materials to suit your needs. View our custom shrink band services page to learn more.

Improper Shrinkage
To properly apply shrink bands you must use a consistent, even heat source. Too much heat will stress the shrink band's perforation causing it to break. If you don't use enough heat, the band will not shrink tightly or smoothly against the container. Take a look at our how-to video for additional tips and a visual demonstration.

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