Glove Material Chemical Resistance

This chart compares the chemical resistance of different glove materials when handling common substances. This information should be used for reference purposes only as our gloves have not been individually tested against the chemicals listed. Performance may be affected by many factors including glove thickness, chemical concentration, temperature and length of chemical exposure.

Be sure to test your products for compatibility and proceed with caution when choosing gloves for your tasks.

  Latex Vinyl Nitrile
Acetone Fair Poor Poor
Alcohol (Benzyl) Poor Poor Poor
Alcohol (Ethyl) Excellent Fair Fair
Alcohol (Isopropyl) Excellent Excellent Good
Alcohol (Methyl) Excellent Excellent Excellent
Ammonia (liquid) Poor Excellent Fair
Antifreeze Excellent Excellent Excellent
Bleach Poor Excellent Poor
Borax (Sodium Borate) Excellent Excellent Good
Butane Poor Fair Excellent
Calcium Carbonate Excellent Excellent Excellent
Chlorine Water Fair Excellent Poor
Citric Acid Excellent Good Excellent
Detergents Good Excellent Excellent
Diesel Fuel Poor Good Excellent
Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) Good Excellent Excellent
Good Excellent Good
Fruit Juice Poor Excellent Excellent
Gasoline (unleaded) Poor Fair Excellent
Gelatin Excellent Good Excellent
Glycolic Acid Poor Good Excellent
Honey Poor Good Excellent
Hydrogen Peroxide (30% - 100%) Fair Excellent Poor
Ink Poor Fair Excellent
Iodine Poor Excellent Good
Lacquers Poor Poor Poor
Lime - Good Excellent
Lye (Potassium Hydroxide) Good Good Good
Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) Excellent Excellent Excellent
Lye (Calcium Hydroxide) Good Good Excellent
Malic Acid Good Excellent Excellent
Mayonnaise Poor Poor Fair
Oil - Castor Excellent Excellent Good
Oil - Coconut Poor Excellent Excellent
Oil - Corn Poor Good Poor
Oil - Cottonseed Poor Good Excellent
Oil - Linseed Poor Excellent Excellent
Oil - Mineral Poor Good Excellent
Oil - Olive Poor Fair Poor
Paraffin Good Good Good
Photographic Solutions Good Excellent Good
Propylene Glycol Excellent Fair Excellent
Salicylic Acid Excellent Good Good
Stearic Acid - Good Good
Sodium Chloride Excellent Excellent Excellent
Triethan-olamine Fair Excellent Excellent
Tartaric Acid Excellent Excellent Excellent
Vinegar Good Good Good
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