Understanding Cap Codes

Learning How to Use Cap Codes to Purchase Caps & Containers in Bulk

SKS' extensive inventory of glass and plastic containers list neck finishes on their product pages for your convenience. A neck finish is written with two numbers, such as 24/410 or 70/400. The first number represents the outer diameter of the container in millimeters and the second number represents the type of threading. If you are turning to SKS for caps for containers sourced elsewhere and are unsure of the neck finish, follow the Neck Finish Measurement guide to determine the size of your containers.

What Are Cap Codes?

SKS provides Cap Code measurements to assist in matching closures and containers on our website. Cap Codes take into consideration the neck finish, inner neck diameter, as well as several other important factors to accurately pair caps with containers. While pairing containers and closures by neck finish alone can sometimes work, there are many reasons why it is beneficial to make sure your selections are compatible with Cap Codes.

  • Reasons for using Cap Codes:
  • Multi-tiered, precise matching of closures and containers
  • Ensures compatibility with tamper evident and child resistant container designs
  • Designates whether plastic containers match certain induction liners
  • Finds the best dip tube length to match containers for lotion pumps or sprayers

It is easy to use the neck finish and Cap Code assignments for bulk purchases, too! Simply choose the containers you would like to purchase and browse our index of closures or the Cap Code Chart for compatible cap options. Our product spotlights are also available to assist you in selecting which combination of closures and containers may best meet your product and dispensing needs. When your packaging ideas are ready, be sure to test your products with our containers and closures to ensure optimal compatibility.

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