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Product Spotlight - Deodorant Tubes for Lip Care

Product Spotlight - Deodorant Tubes for Lip Care

Mini Deodorant Tubes for Lip Care Products

SKS carries white and natural mini deodorant tubes that work great for packaging lip care product such as lip balms and moisturizers.

Lip Care Products in Deodorant Tubes

Mini deodorant tubes contain many similar features to the standard deodorant tubes in smaller volumes. The white and natural deodorant tubes are composed of polypropylene for high durability, moisture barriers, and resistances against grease and oil based compounds. Polypropylene has a melting point of 275° F, allowing for the hot filling process of these deodorant tubes with ease. Product Spotlight - Deodorant Tubes

Both styles of these deodorant tubes include ribbed turning mechanisms at the base and polypropylene friction fit caps that slide to the base for secure closing. When filling these deodorant tubes, set the mechanism so that they are flush with the base of the tube, and pour the product through the top opening. Once the product solidifies, turn the wheel to raise the tube's contents for easy application. Be sure to test your filling process with the deodorant tubes you choose to ensure compatibility.

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