Product Spotlight - Lip Balm Tubes for Lip Care

Lip Balm Tubes for Lip Care Products

When choosing a variety of lip balm tubes, SKS offers a selection of stylish packaging choices for a full product line of lip care products.

Lip Care Products in Lip Balm Tubes

Our range of lip balm tubes are composed of polypropylene plastic and are compatible with a variety of friction fit caps. Polypropylene is ideal for lip balm tubes due to its resistance to moisture, acid, grease, oil, and heat. It is also a highly durable material for withstanding regular use and application without weakening. The maximum temperature of polypropylene is 275° F and it maintains stiffness during filling and after cooling. Choose from the variety of slim line, oval, and standard lip balm tubes in various colors and sizes to fit your needs.

Natural lip balm tubes are semi transparent and are frequently chosen for lip care products with vibrant colors or natural shades. These natural lip balm tubes offer a preview of the product inside before purchasing, as well as a view of how much product is left, so customers can avoid running out while on the go.

White lip balm tubes offer a clean, crisp packaging option for lip care products and can be further elevated using personalized labels. Each lip balm tube includes a turning mechanism at the base for dispensing. This wheel is attached to a stabilizing rod and platform within the lip balm tubes. The platform rises in a smooth upward motion as the wheel is turned clockwise, and retracts when the wheel is turned counterclockwise.

SKS also offers colored lip balm tubes in black and silver for products, such as CBD infused lip care. The dark lip balm tubes also provide UV protection for light sensitive products, like essential oil blends. Each colored lip balm tube is straight and slender and can be used with round, square, or rectangular labels for custom branding.

Black, silver, white, and natural round .15 oz lip balm tubes each match a variety of colored lip balm caps. To customize your product line, simply purchase the lip balm tubes in bulk, and then pair with the cap colors you prefer. Once you have selected the size, style, and color of lip balm packaging, be sure to test the product and filling method to ensure complete compatibility.

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