Product Spotlight - Lip Balm Tubes for Cosmetics

Cosmetic Lip Balm Tubes

Our variety of lip balm tube styles provide a unique and useful packaging option for many cosmetics, including concealer, lipstick, and more. SKS offers a selection of options that deviate from the standard lip balm tube style for creating a personalized product brand.

Cosmetic Packaging within Lip Balm Tubes

SKS has additional options, aside from the slim line and standard lip balm tube styles, that can showcase and dispense cosmetics with ease. Slant top lip balm tubes are composed of polypropylene plastic and feature a slender structure with matching white plastic caps that reach to the center of the tubes. These slant top tubes feature a turning mechanism located in the center, rather than on the bottom, that offers easy one-handed application.

Choose white matte lip balm tubes when packaging products, like under eye concealer, acne spot treatment, and more. These .20 oz plastic lip balm tubes have a light EDM finish, creating a subtle matte appearance and texture. The compatible white lip balm caps cover the entire tube and close at the bottom for a sleek appearance.

SKS offers paperboard lip balm tubes in a range of sizes for an eco-friendly cosmetic packaging option. Paperboard packaging is renewable, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. These lip balm tubes are a great alternative to plastic lip balm tubes for creating a product line full of eco-friendly packaging.

These brown paperboard lip balm tubes have a disk at the bottom of the container for easy dispensing. The disk is free moving and can be pushed up to raise the product inside for application. These paperboard tubes feature an oil resistant paper liner, which allows for an array of products to be packaged. Watch our short video showcasing these paperboard tubes.

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