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Tottles are a unique choice for packaging products such as lotions, sunscreens, hair care products, and more. SKS has a variety of options for you to choose from to find the perfect tottles for your product line.

Plastic Tottles with Snap Top Caps

HDPE is a popular choice for tottles due to its suitable moisture barriers, impact resistance, and resistance to grease, oil, heat, and cold. HDPE is also semi-flexible for easy squeezing and dispensing.

Sleek, white HDPE tottles with white caps are available in a range of capacities. The 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, and 8 oz sizes include white smooth snap top caps, which easily flip open for dispensing. The snap top caps compatible with the 2 oz tottles have an orifice of .125", while the 4 oz - 8 oz tottle caps have an orifice of .154". Each size cap has a flat base that allows it to be stored upright. All tottles have both front and back panels to easily showcase product labels with your custom logo and product details.

1/2 - 1 oz white HDPE tottles with white snap top caps are available in a standard oval shape. An additional 4 oz HDPE tottle in white or natural is paired with white snap top caps. The larger tottles could work well with products such as sunscreen and lotion. The white snap top caps have a .375" orifice and long, threaded necks for a secure seal.

Hang loop HDPE tottles feature molded hang loops on their ends. This additional feature allows the tottles to be hung on hooks for storage or have a clip added so the bottle can be attached to hiking bags, purses, and more. White HDPE tottles with hang loops are available in 2 oz sizes with white snap top caps, which have an orifice of .125" for easy dispensing. Natural HDPE tottles with hang loops are paired with white snap top caps that feature a .250" orifice.

PET plastic is versatile and durable, with high clarity, good oxygen barriers, and resistance to grease, oil, impact, and cold. Darker colored PET also provides excellent UV barriers to protect light contents that are light sensitive. SKS offers PET tottles in clear and amber with the choice of white or black snap top caps with a .154" orifice. Consider these plastic tottles for stylishly packaging hair or body care products.

The clear PET tottles offer high clarity to showcase your products, while amber PET tottles provide an additional layer of UV protection. Experiment with cap and bottle color combinations to distinguish between different types of products or to accent your packaging selections. PET tottles pair well with white and black snap top caps and offer great mix-and-match options when purchasing in bulk.

HDPE and PET plastic tottles with snap top caps can be used to package a wide variety of products. SKS always recommends thoroughly testing your products with these tottles to ensure compatibility.

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