Product Spotlight - Glass Bottles with Handles for Syrups

Clear Glass Syrup Bottles with Handles

When packaging maple syrup, or other delicious natural syrups such as birch, or fruit blends, choose glass bottles with handles for an old fashioned appearance with a range of features for durability and convenience. SKS offers glass syrup bottles in several sizes that assist in production, storage, and distribution for small and large syrup producers alike. Handles built into the bottles' glass construction assist in carrying and pouring, offering ease of use to your customers.

Glass Syrup Bottles with Handles

  • Highlights:
  • Highly recognizable design
  • Wide body with broad front and back label panels
  • Sturdy tapered base
  • Slender, short neck for direct pouring
  • Built in glass handles

These clear glass syrup bottles in 8 oz and 12 oz sizes can be paired with black plastic caps or white metal caps, and include convenient glass handles built into their slender necks. Black ribbed plastic caps provide a secure grip when opening and closing the glass syrup bottles to prevent spills. For hot filling these syrup bottles, choose white metal plastisol lined caps. Plastisol liners create tamper evident, hermetic seals when heated and cooled properly, to aid in maintaining the freshness of your syrup.

Beveled, tapered bases provide stability and add an elevated look to these round syrup bottles. The glass bottles include ample labeling space compatible with round, square, or oval labels to create a customized and unified product line.

Glass Syrup Jugs with Handles

  • Highlights:
  • Large capacities can be used to offer syrup in bulk
  • Durable construction for long term storage
  • Wide mouth opening for easy filling
  • Built in glass handles

When packaging syrup in bulk volumes, glass syrup jugs are available in glass jug styles are available in larger 64 oz and 1 gallon sizes. The one gallon size jugs include "ONE GALLON" embossed at shoulder height.

These syrup bottles include black phenolic coned lined caps for a tight seal during storage, reducing oxidation and helping to retain original aromas and taste.

Be sure to test your syrups with our glass bottles with handles and the caps you choose before production to ensure complete compatibility. Contact our Customer Care department for additional assistance.

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