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Product Spotlight - Powder Sifters

Product Spotlight - Powder Sifters

Sifter caps and sifter fitments could be a functional and convenient closure option for jars and bottles when packaging an array of products.

White Powder Sifter Caps

White PE powder sifter caps are available in 33 mm and 43 mm sizes, which are compatible with white HDPE powder sifter bottles. The 33 mm powder sifter caps have six holes, while the 43 mm sizes have nine holes, all equally spaced and sized on the top of the caps.

To operate the sifter caps, twist the sifter caps open to dispense from the powder holes and twist closed for shipping, storing, and traveling. The powder sifter caps have ribbed sides, making it easier to turn open and closed. The white HDPE powder sifter bottles are available in five sizes from 30 cc up to 8 oz and could be used for products, including talcum powder, deodorizers, and much more.
Product Spotlight - Powder Sifters

HDPE sifter caps fit eco friendly white paperboard tubes with two dispensing options. Choose from a single hole for pouring more product at once or small holes for sifting. These white paperboard tubes are sold in 2 oz and 4 oz sizes and include the sifter caps with a turn style divider. The larger opening is .44" in diameter for pouring, while the sifter has six small holes that are each 0.10" in diameter for dispensing product in smaller amounts.

Clear styrene jars give a sharp look to beauty products, and the addition of sifter fitments could elevate the look and ease of application. Single sifter fitments are composed of natural polypropylene plastic. The 10 ml sifter fitments include three holes in a triangular shape, and the 20 ml and 45 ml sifter fitments have small holes in star shaped clusters, allowing a higher volume of product to be dispensed.
Product Spotlight - Powder Sifters

Double sifter fitments have sliding mechanisms above the openings. The 10 ml sifter fitments feature one open side, possibly for dipping a makeup brush or pouring powder before application. The 25 ml and 45 ml double sifter fitments have sifter holes on one side and closed on the opposite side for precise application.

Product Spotlight - Powder Sifters

For larger sizes, SKS has 3 oz clear styrene jars with sifter fitments and white caps to match. This kit is a dynamic packaging option for products such as blush, eye shadow, highlighter, and more. Sifter fitments provide a convenient way for dispensing powder products from a range of industries with ease. SKS highly suggest testing your products with sifters to ensure complete compatibility.

Styrene Jars with Sifters

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