Product Spotlight - Clear Plastic Beverage Bottles

SKS offers clear plastic beverage bottles in a range of styles that provides packaging for smoothies, energy drinks, delicious juice blends and more. Beverage bottles in PET plastic, are a top choice for housing beverages for many reasons.

Clear plastic beverage bottles have a long list of benefits that make them a top choice for a variety of drinks. SKS offers beverage bottles that are FDA approved, BPA free, and many molded for tamper evident cap compatibility for high quality packaging with great prices!

Beverage Bottles for Juice Drinks

Choose square beverage bottles for packaging a variety of freshly pressed fruit drinks, lemonade, wellness juice drinks, and more. These drink bottles provide tamper evident closure options and panel labeling for distinctive branding. All styles are constructed in the US, and are FDA approved and BPA free for high quality packaging at reasonable prices.

Energy Drink Bottles

For athletes looking to rehydrate, or customers needing a little boost of energy to get through the day, choose clear PET beverage bottles. These durable energy drink bottles include features that make them easy to use at the gym or office and while on the go!

Beverage Bottles for Smoothies

Tall, slender beverage bottles are a great way to package delicious smoothie blends and showcase a variety of flavors that can be enjoyed anywhere. These smoothie bottles come in either a rounded or square shape and provide ample space for eye-catching labels.

Conveniently, many of our clear plastic beverage bottles pair with polypropylene tamper evident caps in a variety of colors to distinguish between flavors or nutritional benefits. These ribbed tamper evident caps include smooth, perforated rings that tear off of the cap and remain on the neck of the bottle upon first opening. Be sure to test your option of beverage bottles and closures to ensure complete compatibility.

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