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Product Spotlight - Clear Plastic Beverage Bottles

Product Spotlight - Clear Plastic Beverage Bottles

Bottle selection can be very important when packaging all sorts of beverages from smoothies to energy drinks. SKS provides a variety of PET beverage bottles with characteristics to help properly showcase and protect your products.

Understanding Plastic Beverage Bottles

SKS offers a variety of bottles in PET plastic, a top choice for housing beverages for many reasons.
  • PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic beverage bottles provide the proper barriers necessary for housing carbonated drinks. These barriers aid in maintaining carbonation levels and product freshness.
  • Bottles composed of PET are lightweight and durable, making them an easy on-the-go option for consumers.
  • The clear PET plastic used for these bottles is FDA approved and BPA free, making it safe for housing beverages. PET is a common material used to house water, soda, fruit juices, and much more.

Cap Options for Plastic Beverage Bottles

Cap Options for Plastic Beverage Bottles Each PET plastic beverage bottle has a 38 mm neck finish, an ideal size for either pouring or drinking directly from the bottle. Pair these bottles with compatible polypropylene tamper evident caps in white, green, red, yellow, orange, blue, or black colors. The variety of colors can provide packaging distinction between flavors of brewed teas, fruit juices, and energy drinks.

These ribbed tamper evident caps include smooth, perforated rings that tear off of the cap and remain on the neck of the bottle upon first opening. Features like this are necessary when packaging beverage products, as customers will not feel safe consuming products that don't include a tamper evident measure of security.

Clear Plastic Beverage Bottles

Here are a few features which explain why so many customers choose PET:
  • Each clear plastic beverage bottle featured includes a base with star like indentations. This feature prevents the base of the bottles from bending or tipping under the weight of the product.
  • Plastic PET beverage bottles are cost effective and tend to come in larger case packs, making it even easier to buy in bulk.
  • It is more common for locations to only allow the sale of beverages housed in plastic.
  • Customers feel more comfortable purchasing beverages in clear containers, and our clear beverage bottles provide one of the highest clarity options available.

Clear Plastic Beverage Bottle Shapes

Clear Beverage BottlesSquare beverage bottles provide plenty of flat space for product branding. List nutritional information on the back panel, while showcasing your logo and designs on the front. Leave the side panels uncovered to highlight the product itself.

The tall 16 oz clear beverage bottles feature a slender and easy-to-grip shape making them a great on-the-go option for tonic water or coconut water blends. In a shorter style, the 8, 12, and 16 oz square beverage bottles have wider sides and more rounded edges for a fuller look. This beverage bottle line could be used to house products like smoothies or kefir.

Clear Beverage Bottles Tall, round beverage bottles in the 10 oz size offer a unique, simple, and clean shape. These slim containers are easy to handle and carry from place-to-place when filled with energy drinks or high caffeinated cold coffees.

Similar to the square beverage bottles, the round bottles also have a wider shaped option. The sloped shoulders meet an indented labeling area on these 16 oz round beverage bottles. Wide, round beverage bottles create a prominent look on product shelves and fit securely in most bottle holders.

As you take the time to choose the right ingredients and balance of flavors, also take the time to test your packaging for the best results!

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