Product Spotlight - Peanut Butter Jars

SKS carries traditional peanut butter style jars and jars with a custom mold that brings an updated, modern style to packaging peanut butter and other delicious spreads.

Peanut Butter Jars

When choosing peanut butter jars and food jars for other spreads, SKS provides two unbeatable options. Both styles are created from clear PET plastic for a durable, long lasting construction, and FDA approved, BPA free, and made in the USA, which makes customers even more comfortable when purchasing consumables. They share a 70/400 neck finish which allows for easy access to the spreads within with a spoon, knife, or small spatula.

The traditional style is recognizable for housing products like peanut butter. View a short video for a 360° of these food jars showcasing their benefits.

  • Traditional Peanut Butter Jars:
  • 12 oz & 17 oz sizes
  • Rounded base
  • Indented labeling area

SKS created the custom mold to provide customers with a modern option for packaging spreads and other food products. These food jars build upon the traditional style and increase the functionality and style. To ensure a tight seal, SKS designed these jars with threading that reaches the shoulders to reduce the gap between the shoulder and cap.

  • Modern Peanut Butter Jars:
  • 16 oz size
  • Flat straight sides for full labeling
  • Flat base

Aside from the visual appeal, the flat base provides sturdier placement on shelves without taking up more space. Be sure to read PET Food Jars newsletter for additional possible uses for these plastic jars.

The 70 mm neck opening is wide enough for spoons, or spatulas, and is compatible with an array of cap options. Purchase either the traditional or modern style of peanut butter jars in bulk to pair with plastic or metal caps with liners that fit your needs. For kits, both jars are available with ribbed induction lined caps in vibrant or subtle colors to match the labeling of your products design. Induction lined caps extend the shelf life of your products and provide an airtight, tamper evident seal. Induction lined caps require the use of a sealing system to properly apply the liner.Peanut Butter Jars

Choose these peanut butter style jars for a variety of spreads and other tasty treats within your product line. SKS highly suggests testing the peanut butter jars and caps with your product to ensure complete compatibility. For additional information or questions contact our customer care team for assistance.

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