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Product Spotlight - Paragon Glass Jars

Product Spotlight - Paragon Glass Jars

Paragon glass jars have a distinct shape that can be matched with a large variety of dispensing and non-dispensing closures. These versatile jars can be used to house an array of products ranging from spices to pickled foods or thick spreads.

Paragon Glass Jars

Like other jars sold by SKS, our paragon glass jars are composed of durable, high clarity glass with a twist in style. Compared to clear glass straight sided jars, paragon glass jars are taller with narrower openings and slender flat bases. The benefits of paragon glass jars include:
  • Larger range in dispensing and non-dispensing cap choices
  • Tall panel for round or other eye catching label shapes
  • Less shelf space required for storage while still making an impact
  • Threaded neck finish for a tight seal with various cap liners
  • Shrink bands can be used with many size jars to create an outer tamper evident seal

Paragon Glass Jars

Since paragon jars are composed of glass, they can be sterilized to make excellent canning jars or food containers with flexibility in creative labeling, and more.

Due to their design and compatibility with a large variety of caps offered by SKS, paragon glass jars are often selected to hold spices, olives, jams, and other spreads.

Paragon Glass Jars with Caps

When purchased in bulk, paragon glass jars are sold without caps to allow for customization of your packaging. Through the add-ons section, you may choose any desired caps compatible with your selected jar size to be added to your bulk order. For your convenience, SKS has also created kits where jars are sold with select caps.

Paragon Glass JarsNon-dispensing caps are available in both metal and plastic with various liners to suit your needs. Bring a little shine to your packaging with aluminum PE-F217 lined caps. All-purpose PE-F217 liners are included to create protective barriers for your products when the caps are securely screwed onto the paragon jars. White metal caps paired with these paragon glass jars include plastisol or foil liners. Plastisol liners create a hermetic seal when activated during the standard canning and hot bath processes. Foil liners create an additional barrier towards oils and alcohols used in concentrated and highly potent products, such as aromatherapy blends.

Paragon Glass Jars
Plastic caps also pair well with paragon glass jars. White and black plastic caps with PE-F217 liners are ribbed for easy opening, and are composed of polypropylene for durability during use.

Plastic dispensing caps are also available to be paired with paragon glass jars. For spices and seasonings choose red or black spice caps. These spice caps include PS113 liners built into the caps with "Sealed for Freshness" printed on top. After filling the paragon glass jars, simply screw the caps in place and leave for at least 48 hours. During this time the liners will adhere to the jars with no assistance from additional equipment. Red and black spice caps are compatible with 2 oz, 4 oz, and 6 oz paragon glass jars. The 2 oz paragon glass jars have one scoop size opening, whereas the 4 and 6 oz jars have a pouring side and a side with three holes for sifting.
Paragon Glass Jars

For honey, syrups, and other high viscosity products, consider pairing paragon glass jars with white polypropylene pumps! These pumps fit 8 oz and 12 oz jars with an output of 4 ml of product per stroke through a durable wide dip tube.

The durable plastic pumps offer a locking mechanism that is easy to use and practical to prevent unwanted discharge during shipment and storage. To unlock, just turn the neck and the pump will rise to its full dispensing height.

Paragon glass jars are favored for their unique style and accessibility to a large variety of caps for multiple uses. Be sure to give these unique glass jars a test run for your product line!

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