Product Spotlight - Paperboard Tubes and Jars

Paperboard is a renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, and durable packaging material. Fewer resources are used during the production of paperboard products, making for a smaller environmental impact compared to standard processes for plastic containers. Paperboard follows a similar production method to sheets of paper, but is altered in a way to make the final product thicker and stronger.

Paperboard Tubes & Jars

Paperboard tubes and jars are created in a multi-step process. The first step includes collecting the type of fiber that will be used to generate the paperboard tubes. The fiber varies due to many factors, but one main difference is how long the fibers are. Longer fibers will allow for stronger and more durable layers of paperboard. The next step is to create paperboard pulp from the fibers. The pulping machine will remove all the non-paper materials from the pulp and will complete rigorous cleaning and screening cycles.

The third step includes the pressing and drying of the paperboard. The paperboard is physically pressed to remove any water and moisture, which begins the formation of thick sheets. Once the paperboard is pressed to release any excess moisture, the sheets are then dried. The drying phase typically includes moving steam pressured cylinders or hoses and is optimized for the exact type of paperboard being processed.

  • Top Features of Paperboard:
  • Renewable & Recyclable
  • Low environmental impact
  • SKS' inventory is USA made
  • Highly versatile

The final steps include coating and shaping. Once the paperboard is dried, if desired, the paperboard is coated before shaping. The paperboard tubes and jars SKS stock have an oil resistant paper coating, which is applied during this step. Once all the coatings and layers are complete, the paperboard sheets are shaped into various sizes.

SKS carries push up tubes with matching rolled edge caps in a variety of sizes. These brown paperboard tubes have a disk at the bottom of the tube for dispensing. The disc is free moving and can be easily pushed up to raise the product to the surface for application. An oil resistant paper liner allows for an array of products to be packaged, such as lip balm, sunscreen, or solid foundation. Be sure to watch our video on these outstanding paperboard tubes.

Matte white paperboard tubes feature a spiral design with compatible sifter caps. The sifter caps are set into place after filling and fit flush with the top of the white paperboard tube. The caps have two options for dispensing; the larger single opening is .44" in diameter and is ideal for pouring, while the other option has six small holes for sifting, each 0.10" in diameter. These caps have a smooth rotating top, which slides to cover both openings or one at a time.

Paperboard jars are available in 1/2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes with rolled edge compatible caps. These paperboard jars also have an oil resistant paper liner that could package lotion bars, lip balm, candies, or eye shadow. Want even more options? Read our eco-friendly packaging product spotlight showcasing PCR & PIR plastics and hemp products! When creating an eco-friendly product line, be sure to test packaging with your product to ensure complete compatibility.

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