Product Spotlight - Orifice Reducers

Plastic and Glass Containers with Orifice Reducers

Orifice reducers are a useful choice when packaging a variety of products that benefit from a controlled and precise pour. Our orifice reducers are composed of LDPE plastic, and are designed to fit flush with the openings of compatible glass and plastic containers. The orifice reducers work well with a large selection of metal and plastic caps and a variety of unique glass and plastic bottles. Choose bottles with orifice reducers to package a wide range of products that could include salad dressing, sauces, aromatherapy blends, cosmetics, and more.

Food Packaging with Orifice Reducers

Orifice reducers paired with glass and plastic bottles could package a range of salad dressings, hot sauces, and more. After filling the containers, these orifice reducers will rest within the necks of the bottles and stay securely in place to allow controlled pouring of your delicious sauces and dressings.

Cosmetic Packaging w/ Orifice Reducers

When choosing packaging for cosmetic lines, style and functionality are essential. SKS offers clear PET plastic bottles in unique shapes with compatibility to orifice reducers for an elevated dispensing experience for your customers.

Aromatherapy Packaging w/ Orifice Reducers

Colored glass bottles and vials with caps featuring orifice reducers provide controlled, precise dispensing for aromatherapy blends and essential oils. Including orifice reducers allows your customers to follow application instructions accurately and to prevent spills during use.

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