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Product Spotlight - Honey Containers

Product Spotlight - Honey Containers

There are over 300 flavors of honey, each with its own unique flavor. Select from the variety of glass and plastic containers SKS stocks to package honey in everything from classic to modern style containers!

Glass Honey Containers

Glass Honey ContainersGlass is commonly chosen to package honey because it provides strong barriers and prevents oxidation. Clear glass also allows customers to see the products they are consuming, which is always a selling point.

SKS offers the widely recognizable hive inspired glass honey jars in three sizes that can be used to offer a range of options to your customers. These clear glass jars feature wide openings which allow for easy and clean dispensing. Glass honey pot jars are another classic glass honey jar option that can beautifully showcase your entire line. The round, tapered shape of these glass jars includes molded notches on both sides for added design flair. Both glass honey jars pair wonderfully with the wooden honey dippers shown below!

Glass Honey Containers Muth style glass honey bottles with cork stoppers combine an old fashioned style with a modern, eco-friendly twist. The front panels of the muth style honey bottles feature decorative embossed images depicting beehives, as well as honey weight capacities. The cork stoppers are produced from 100% recyclable sustainable cork.

For a more controlled pour, opt for the clear glass syrup bottles. These glass bottles include molded handles built into their necks, allowing the user to maintain a comfortable grip while they pour high viscosity honey products. Be sure to give any of these stylish glass honey containers a try with your next batch!

Plastic Honey Containers

Plastic Honey ContainersSKS offers an extensive inventory of PET plastic bottles and jars that could be ideal for housing honey and other similar products. PET is a durable, semi-flexible plastic that has very high clarity. It is one of the most recyclable plastics, and provides strong barriers and resistances for the products packaged within.

Plastic honey bear bottles with black or yellow caps are an iconic packaging choice for your honey. These well recognized bear-shaped bottles feature molded bear faces with eyes, ears, and snouts, and bodies including arm, leg, and textured fur details. For easy labeling, the honey bear bottles have flat square panels on the bear's stomachs to incorporate your logo and product details.

As another unique honey dispensing option, opt for inverted oval plastic honey bottles with black, red, or yellow snap top caps. The snap top caps include pressure sensitive liners that adhere to the bottle openings when the caps are screwed into place and left for roughly 48 hours. These inverted oval bottles feature a shape that makes the upside-down squeezing process less cumbersome. The .25" orifice creates a small, steady stream of honey as the plastic bottles are squeezed. This design could be very useful for customers who desire a more controlled pour when decorating desserts or sweetening tea.

Plastic Honey Containers Consider clear PET wire bale honey jars as a unique packaging choice. Included in the hinged lids are rubber rings that compress when the hinges are closed. These rubber rings provide a tight seal to aid in product preservation.

For honey spreads or honey infused butters, opt for the peanut butter style plastic honey jars with brightly colored caps to attract customers! The sleek, round style of these plastic jars prevents honey and spreads from sticking to the containers, ensuring that the contents can be utilized without waste. These jars also feature ample design space to display product and branding details. A large mouth opening allows for the use of honey dippers or spoons for dispensing. The ribbed plastic caps are offered in a range of colors including white, blue, red, yellow and black, and include induction liners which need an induction sealing machine for activation. Induction liners when sealed properly offer an airtight seal, ideal for preserving your products. For additional information regarding the use of induction liners, be sure to visit the Help/Info page.

Honey Accessories

Honey Accessories

Honey dippers are a charming and practical accessory that could be paired with glass or plastic honey containers for a finished look. The honey dippers are composed of birch or maple hardwood and are available in two sizes to pair with both large and small honey containers.

When dipped, honey wraps around the dipper head, allowing you to stir, drizzle, or roll the honey onto the desired area.

Honey Accessories Typically, honey s measured in honey weight (pounds), rather than in fluid ounces. SKS has digital scales to assist in labeling your honey containers correctly. The Ranger compact bench scales are available in three sizes and produce accurate weight measurements in pounds. Results are easy to read on a digital display screen to speed up the filling process, and a stainless steel platform allows for easy clean up. Ranger scales take up minimal counter space and offer both AC and battery power options.
Honey Accessories

For dispensing products such as honey and syrups packaged in various glass, jars try our white polypropylene pumps, designed for high viscosity products such as honey.

These white pumps dispense 4 ml per stroke and have a locking feature to prevent unwanted discharge during shipping and storage. Paired with clear glass jars, these pumps allow for even more variety in honey packaging!

Honey is a product that has been packaged for centuries and SKS is pleased to bring your products into the future with an expansive collection of honey packaging options! As always, be sure to test your products with our honey containers for the best compatibility.

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