Product Spotlight - Disposable Gloves

SKS carries various disposable gloves with different properties to suit a variety of needs and sensitivities. Each disposable glove style is conveniently ambidextrous and features a beaded cuff to assist in wear and removal. A textured non-slip palm allows these gloves to be used for both wet and dry applications. The material is thin enough to allow for full movement and maintains a durable, substantial barrier for your hands during use.

Disposable Gloves

There are many benefits to wearing disposable gloves while preparing food products, packaging cosmetics and essential oil products, dispensing pharmaceuticals, and more. Disposable gloves help prevent skin irritations, avoid contamination, and provide a barrier between you and the components being processed. Choose from a selection of disposable gloves to suit your needs.

Latex gloves are powder-free to reduce the risk of developing latex protein-based allergies and chemical residue-related allergies. These gloves also allow for easy cleanup and eliminate powder contamination. The darker glove colors do not show stains, dyes, and other compounds. Gold latex gloves provide additional strength and include a light chlorination rinse, which provides a tacky texture to improve grip when wet or dry.

Nitrile disposable gloves are entirely latex-free, offering highly flexibility with a softer feel that conforms to your hands. The nitrile composition creates a puncture and tear resistant barrier and has strong chemical blocking attributes. Another great feature of disposable nitrile gloves is thermal sensitivity. Heat radiated from the body is absorbed by the gloves, which reduces temperature change when handling products.

Additionally, SKS offers vinyl disposable gloves, composed of a synthetic PVC material that is soft on the inside and textured on the outside. The excellent flexibility of these gloves reduces tearing and enhances comfort during long term use. Vinyl disposable gloves work well within patient services, salon settings, or areas where an individual with a latex allergy could come in contact with the gloves.

For additional information, read our disposable gloves FAQ and glove material chemical resistance chart.

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