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Product Spotlight - Face Masks & Disposable Gloves

Product Spotlight - Face Masks & Disposable Gloves

Face masks and disposable gloves are useful for a range of industries. SKS provides gloves in various materials to fit your needs and provide the most comfort for users.

Face Masks

Face MasksWearing face masks in a laboratory, medical facility, factory, or a range of other environments reduces contamination, and provides an additional layer of protection for the worker. These face masks are latex and fiberglass free with a three layer construction. The outer layer is composed of spunbond polypropylene fibers, which are finer fibers than regular polypropylene. The middle layer is meltblown filtration fibers that have been specifically created for flexibility, and an extremely high level of barrier protection. The inner layer is composed of cellulosic fibers which provide a silky feel for users with sensitive skin. The ear loops are 6.5" in length and latex free, for secure placement with minimal irritation. The nose piece is composed of a covered PVC piece that conforms to the shape of the nose and minimizes x-ray reflection.

Reasons To Use Disposable Gloves

Disposable GlovesSKS carries various disposable gloves with different properties to suit the user's needs and sensitivities. For convenience, each disposable glove style is ambidextrous and features a beaded cuff to assist in wear and removal. A textured non-slip palm allows these gloves to be used for both wet and dry applications. The material is thin enough to allow for full movement and maintains a durable, substantial barrier for your hands during use.

What are the benefits of wearing disposable gloves? When working with essential oils, disposable gloves help prevent skin irritations, allowing quicker fill of products like euro dropper bottles. Disposable gloves should also be worn when preparing foods and drinks to avoid contamination. For additional information on choosing the right disposable glove, browse our FAQ's and chemical resistance chart.

Disposable Glove Options

Disposable Gloves Gold and black latex gloves are powder-free to reduce the risk of developing latex protein based allergies and chemical residue related allergies. These gloves also allow for easy cleanup and the elimination of powder contamination. Black latex gloves are useful in tattoo studios and hair salons because they do not show stains, dyes, and other compounds used during tattoo application or hair coloring processes. Gold latex gloves provide additional strength and include a light chlorination rinse which provides a tacky texture, improving the grip when wet or dry. This could be very helpful when working with liquids or powders.

Disposable Gloves White nitrile powder free gloves are entirely latex free and offer a highly flexible, softer feel that conforms to your hands. The nitrile composition creates a puncture and tear resistant barrier with strong chemical blocking attributes. Another great feature of disposable nitrile gloves is the thermal sensitive quality. Heat radiated from the body is absorbed by the gloves, which reduces the temperature change of products. Additionally, SKS offers clear vinyl powder free gloves, composed of a synthetic soft PVC material that is soft on the inside and textured on the outside. The excellent flexibility of these gloves reduces tearing and enhances comfort during long term use. These clear vinyl disposable gloves work well within patient services or salon settings, areas wherein a patient or customer with a latex allergy may come in contact with the gloves.

When purchasing your packaging from SKS consider adding disposable gloves and face masks to your shopping cart. Be sure to contact our customer service department and refer to our disposable glove indexes for further information and assistance when choosing the gloves that fit your needs.

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