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Product Spotlight - Euro Dropper Bottles

Product Spotlight - Euro Dropper Bottles

SKS has Euro Dropper bottles in Amber, Green and Cobalt with multi-functional caps for a large variety of products and industries.

Amber, Green, and Blue Glass

Amber, blue, and green Euro Dropper bottles are composed of Type III glass, also known as soda-lime glass. Soda-lime glass is very chemically stable and can be softened and remelted without loss of quality. This construction leads to less waste during production and easier recycling. All of these significant features make soda-lime glass one of the top choices for packaging.

Soda-lime glass is composed of many different ingredients and can be altered depending on the final product manufactured. The main ingredients include silica, soda, and calcined limestone. Silica, in the form of sand, is the main component of the mixture. Soda lowers the temperature at which silica will melt, allowing for the easier production of varying shapes and sizes. Calcined limestone makes the mixture durable and resistant to breaking down in water and humidity.
Amber, Green, and Blue Glass

Euro Dropper Bottles

Euro Dropper bottles are similar to Boston Round bottles, but with a few distinct differences. The one difference between Euro Dropper bottles and Boston Round bottles is the neck construction. Euro Dropper bottles have a longer neck which includes a ring at the end of the threading. This added ring allows for the proper use of tamper evident caps. Each size of Euro Dropper bottle, from 5 ml to 100 ml, has a 18 mm neck finish, while the Boston Round bottles have varying neck finishes.

The shoulders of the Euro Dropper bottles are also slightly different than the Boston Round bottles. While the Boston Round bottles have a graduated rounded slope, the Euro Dropper bottles have sharper shoulders beginning lower on the bottles.

Tamper Evident Caps

Euro Dropper bottles have tamper evident caps available in a few different styles. SKS has a white and black tamper evident cap in the 18 mm size to match all of the amber, blue, and green Euro Dropper bottles. These tamper evident caps have a multi-functional construction. The threaded cap is composed of polypropylene, which is a stiff, durable material with multiple useful resistances.

The tamper evident caps are ribbed for a gripped opening of the small bottles. Below the ribbed threaded area of the caps is a tamper evident ring. This tamper evident ring is attached to the bottom; once the tamper evident caps have been secured into place, the tamper evident ring will sit just below the ring molded into the Euro Dropper bottles. When the tamper evident caps are removed, the perforated ring will separate from the caps and remain on the Euro Dropper bottles. This informs the customer that they are the first person to open the bottle.

SKS also has tamper evident child resistant caps compatible with the Euro Dropper bottles. For your convenience, these black tamper evident caps feature the "Universal" image for opening a child resistant closure on the face of the cap. Consider packaging pharmaceuticals, chemicals and much more with this safe packaging option.

The white and black tamper evident caps and black child resistant caps each have a built-in orifice reducer. Once the cap is screwed into place, the orifice reducers are pushed from the caps into the neck of the Euro Dropper bottles. These orifice reducers are composed of LDPE, which has very strong resistance to acid, esters, hydrocarbons, and ketones. The orifice reducers have a 1 mm opening for dispensing and include a stem that extends down the neck of the Euro Dropper bottles. The stem assists in the small and deliberate dispensing of products from the Euro Dropper bottles when poured.

For a range of blue and green Euro Dropper bottles with a specialized dispensing option, SKS has tamper evident bulb glass dropper kits. The glass dropper is a straight style dropper attached to a polypropylene cap and rubber bulb. The bulb glass droppers draw the product for dispensing in either drops or a small stream. These tamper evident bulb glass droppers have the same tamper evident ring attached, and ribbed threaded neck for easy opening and closing. These tamper evident bulb glass droppers could be used for the packaging of E-Liquids, serums, and homeopathic remedies. When choosing caps to pair with our Euro Dropper bottles, it is important to test for compatibility.

Each amber, blue, and green Euro Dropper bottle has a compatible shrink band for purchase to create an outer seal for an additional layer of tamper evidence. These shrink bands can bring a completed look for products sold on shelves or shipped worldwide. Just click the shrink band image under the Add-ons column for the matching shrink bands for the Euro Dropper bottles.

Amber, blue, and green Euro Dropper bottles are a mainstay within the aromatherapy industry, but be sure to test your products to see what other applications can work with these fantastic bottles.

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