Product Spotlight - Clear Glass Cosmetic Jars

Create a high-end look for your product line with our clear glass cosmetic jars! SKS carries a selection of cosmetic jars and compatible caps in various sizes to easily showcase products. Selecting an appropriate packaging material for products can be tough. While plastic containers are always an option, glass is an excellent choice for cosmetics.

Clear Glass Cosmetic Jars

There are many reasons to choose glass cosmetic jars. Aside from the high-end look, glass also helps to naturally preserve cosmetics and maintain overall product quality.
  • Glass is impermeable and provides an excellent barrier against moisture.
  • Glass will not change or interact with your cosmetics.
  • Glass is FDA approved as one of the safest materials to use for packaging.
  • Glass is composed of natural materials and is 100% recyclable.
  • Glass cosmetic jars enhance the overall aesthetic of a container.
Product Spotlight - Clear Glass Cosmetic Jars These stylish clear glass cosmetic jars feature a thick base and walls composed from layered glass for improved durability. Pair these jars with compatible caps in a variety of colors to accent the product, your branding coloration, or the overall theme of the product line.

Choose from a variety of polypropylene plastic caps for a mixture of style and durability for your cosmetics. Polypropylene features a smooth, slightly shiny appearance and provides an additional moisture barrier for cosmetics. Black polypropylene caps with PE-F217 liners are a popular choice to assist with product preservation due to their excellent chemical resistance and low transmission rates. Black phenolic PV lined caps provide additional resistance to mild acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, oils, and aqueous products, making them a versatile packaging option for eye creams or lip stains.

SKS also offers white, pink, and silver cap options with these glass cosmetic jars for an easy way to differentiate between night and day cosmetics, products formulated for different skin types, and more. White plastic caps with PE-F217 liners are available in dome and straight sided styles. For a touch of color, opt for smooth pink or silver polypropylene caps with PE-F217 liners. To further customize your packaging, purchase clear glass cosmetic jars in bulk and mix and match caps with various liners from the add-ons section. For more ideas and packaging options for your cosmetic line, browse through our index of cosmetic containers!

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