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Product Spotlight - Clear Glass Cosmetic Jars

Product Spotlight - Clear Glass Cosmetic Jars

Create a high-end look for your cosmetic product line with our clear glass cosmetic jars. SKS provides a selection of cosmetic jars in various sizes and styles to showcase your products.

Choosing Glass for Cosmetics

Selecting an appropriate packaging material for your products can be tough. While plastic containers are always an option, glass is an excellent choice for cosmetic products. Here is a list of several desirable features to take into consideration when selecting and testing glass jars for your packaging!
  • Glass is impermeable; the glass walls and base provide an excellent barrier against moisture.
  • Glass will not change or interact with your cosmetics; ensures your products arrive to customers pure and unchanged.
  • Glass is FDA approved as one of the safest materials to use for packaging.
  • Glass is composed of natural materials and is 100% recyclable.
  • Glass cosmetic jars enhance the overall aesthetic of a container.

Clear Glass Cosmetic Jars

Clear Glass Cosmetic JarsThese stylish clear glass cosmetic jars feature a thick wall and base composed from layered glass, for a container with improved durability. Thick wall cosmetic jars may be purchased in .15 oz, .25 oz, .50 oz, 1 oz, and 2.3 oz sizes. Pair these jars with compatible caps in a variety of colors to accent the product color, deco color, or the overall theme of the product line.

Clear Glass Cosmetic Jars
Black polypro caps with a PE/F217 liner are compatible with these jars in both flat and dome style. The PE/F217 liner is common in lids to maintain barriers and keep products safe. Black polypro caps with a flat top may be purchased to fit the .15 oz, .25 oz, 1 oz, and 2.3 oz jars. Select black polypro domed caps, compatible with the .25 oz and 2.3 oz jars, for a softer packaging style. Complete your look by adding shrink bands. Shrink bands can be easily applied and are a great way to offer a tamper evident seal.

Clear Glass Cosmetic Jars Black phenolic caps are available in three styles to pair with various cosmetic jars. Phenolic caps have superior corrosion resistance and resistance to various chemical compounds.

Glass cosmetic jars with black phenolic PV lined caps are a versatile packaging option for eye creams or lip stains because the PV liner provides additional resistances to mild acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, oils, and aqueous products.

Black phenolic caps with PE/F217 liners are compatible with glass cosmetic jars in .50 oz and 1 oz sizes. Deep-skirted black phenolic caps are only sold with the 2.3 oz jar.

Clear Glass Cosmetic Jars Interested in cap colors other than black to pair with your cosmetic jars? SKS offers white, pink, and silver cap options as well. White plastic caps with PE/F217 liners are available in dome and straight sided styles. White caps may be paired with the .25 oz, 1 oz, and 2.3 oz cosmetic jars to create a clean, crisp look.. For a touch of color, opt for pink or silver polypro caps with PE/F217 liners. To further customize your packaging, purchase clear glass cosmetic jars in bulk, add plastic or metal caps with varying liners from the add-ons section, to fit a unique product line.

For more ideas and packaging options for your cosmetic line, browse through the cosmetic containers index!

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