Label Tutorial: How We Created the "Purity" Soap Label

In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll show you how we created one of our spa product label designs.
Try using some of these helpful techniques when designing your own product labels!

Remember to follow steps 1 - 3 on the main tutorial page to initially set up your label document. Then, go
through the steps below to create the "purity" soap label!

Step 1: Create the Shape of Your Label

1. Select the rounded rectangle tool and draw a rectangle change the dimensions to be 2in x 2in in the top menu. Select the elipse tool and draw a 2 x 2in circle holding the shift key to constrain proportions.

2. Move the circle over the rectangle so that the bottom of the rectangle is aligned with the center of the circle (see rightimage). With both shapes selected, choose window> pathfinder> unite to create a single shape.3. The dimensions of the shape should now be 2in wide and 2.5in high, change you dimensions in the top menu if necessary.

4. Select the elipse tool holding the shift key draw a 1in circle. Align the center of the circle with the top of the rectangle shape we just created, as shown in the image to the right.

5. Select both shapes and select horizontal align center from the top menu to make sure that your circle is center with the rectangle shape.

6. From the pathfinder window choose unite again to a single shape.

Step 2: Change the Background Color for the Label

Select the label shape you created in step 1. Change the stroke color to none. Select any color swatch from the swatches menu and choose new color color swatch from bottom of that menu to create a new color. Our label color is : C= 73 M=100 Y=69 K=23. Select Ok. Your label should now look like the one shown below.

Create the second part of the label background
Select the rectangle tool and change the fill color to white. Draw a rectangle in the middle of the purple label shape, making a 1.5in (H) x 1.75 (W) rectangle. Select both shapes and choose horizontal align center and vetical align center to perfectly center your shapes.

Step 2: Add the Flower

Using the pen tool , draw a shape of a flower. We choose to draw a lotus flower. Fill your flower shape with white and place in the center of the top arch of your label.

Step 3: Create the Text

A. Creating the Title.

1. The font used for the "purity" text is "Garamond" set to 18 pt size with a color fill of black. The character palette used is shown here.

2. Using the Type Tool click and drag to create your text box. Type "purity" in lowercase. Deselect the type.

3. In the paragraph panel choose center.

4. Place your text inside the white rectangle on your label background, make sure your text is higher than the center of rectangle.

B. Create the subtitle text.

1. The font used for the subtitle text is "Garamond" set to 12 pt size with a color fill of black.

2. In the character panel choose small caps and then set the tracking to 100

3. Click and drag to create your text box width and type "chamomile tea".

4. In the paragraph panel choose center.

C. Style the description text.

1. The text at the bottom right of the label is simply set to 7 pt, italic,"Arial" font, make sure small caps is deselected from previous type and set the tracking to 0. The color is white.

2. Click and drag to create your desired text box width and type
"foam hand soap".

3. In the Paragraph panel choose center.

4. Select all the label text by holding down the shift key and selecting each type group. Click align to center from the top menu.

5. With all type still selected press crtl + G to group all the text together to one object.

6. Select all by choosing crtl+A and choose align to center to center your label panel design.

D. Add the Lines

1. The final step is to add the line above and below the text "chamomile tea". To do this select the line tool and click and drag holding the shift key to make a line from one end of the white rectangle to other. With your line selected change the fill to none and the stroke to the purple swatch we created earlier, and set the stroke to 1pt.

2. Duplicate this line by pressing alt (option mac) and dragging the selected line below the text.

Once all components are laid out how you like them your labels are done! Print them out on adhesive label paper, cut them out and apply to your containers. Voila!

For a shortcut, click on the finished label image to view and print a PDF.

To see how these labels look on a filled container, click on the image in the box to the right. Be sure to browse through our Spa Containers Index for other great spa label ideas!

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