DIY - Citrus Salts in Glass Jelly Jars

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These Easy Citrus Salts are simple to make at home using the zest of fresh citrus, coarse kosher salt & SKS Glass Jars. They make amazing DIY food gifts and can be used to season lots of amazing dishes! Check out the recipe below and explore Platings + Pairings for more creative ideas!

The flavor possibilities are endless... Make use of whatever citrus you have on hand- Grapefruit, limes, lemons, mandarins, oranges. Or, combine several different citruses in one salt mixture. You can also get extra fancy by adding in hot chilies or fresh herbs such as parsley, thyme or tarragon. Try an orange-tarragon blend, it would be perfect sprinkled over pork. Or, a lime-hot chili blend to sprinkle over Thai dishes. Yum!

There's really no recipe needed for this one... It's really simple! Just zest your fruit using one of these handy Microplane graters and add about an equal amount of kosher salt. Mix together using your fingertips until all of the zest is coated in salt. Allow to dry in open air and then store in the Glass Jelly Jars. No refrigeration needed. As you find yourself with citrus fruits at home, just keep adding those zests to your same container. That way, you'll never find yourself in short supply. Just keep adding a bit more salt as well.

Before using in recipes, rub the citrus salt between your palms to help release their amazing flavor and break up any clumps. The lime salt is great on Thai dishes, the lemon can be used to liven up chicken, and I love the orange salt as a rim for my margaritas!

Also, these salts make great DIY food gifts using these Glass Jelly Jars! Your friends and family will love them and appreciate the personalized touch.



  1. To the citrus zest, add an equal amount of kosher salt.
  2. Mix together until all of the zest is coated in salt.
  3. Allow to dry in open air and then store in the Glass Jelly Jar

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