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SKS Bottle & Packaging Inc. is a worldwide supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers. We carry an extensive line of flint (clear), amber, blue and green glass bottles and vials that could be ideal for your aromatherapy needs. Our vials range in size from 1/2 dram to 8 drams and our bottles from 1/2 oz to 32 oz. Choose from a variety of closure options such as phenolic cone-lined caps, treatment pumps, droppers and sprayers. The bottles and vials with glass droppers, roller balls and fine mist sprayers could be ideal for dispensing infused oils, extracts, hydrosols, carrier oils and absolutes. Store raw materials such as herbs and flowers in our containers with tapered cork stoppers. SKS also offers funnels, disposable pipettes, graduated cylinders and other lab supplies that could be ideal for formulating and blending. For additional information or to make a purchase, visit

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