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November 2019

SKS Bottle carries a large selection of metal, glass, and plastic containers in a variety of shapes and sizes for housing nutritional supplement products, like vitamins, protein powder, energy drinks, and more. Many of our nutraceutical bottles and jars can be paired with child resistant caps for added protection, or a range of regular caps for packaging non-toxic products.

Glass Supplement Containers

SKS offers various glass nutraceutical bottles for storing home remedies, oil capsules, and vitamins. Glass containers have high chemical barriers and naturally protect products against leaching, thus preserving potency, aroma, and flavor. Clear glass supplement bottles are transparent and easily showcase the product inside. Clear glass woozy bottles are ideal for housing liquid products and are available with orifice reducers, which help to control the flow of product when pouring. Blue glass supplement bottles are a colorful alternative to clear glass. The boston round bottles can be paired with fine mist sprayers, regular glass droppers, child resistant glass droppers for added protection, or aluminum caps.Amber glass supplement containers offer UV protection for light sensitive products and help to preserve shelf life. The amber glass oblong flasks and round wide mouth bottles are available with black phenolic plastic caps, which include a cone liner that protects against leakage. The amber glass boston round bottles include glass droppers with tamper evident seals. The tamper evident ring snaps when the plastic cap is initially removed from the tincture bottle, indicating the product has been used.

Plastic Supplement Containers

Plastic is lightweight and shatterproof, making it easier to ship and store. SKS carries many plastic medicine bottles and jars, such white HDPE plastic round bottles, which are available with induction lined plastic caps. Induction liners, applied using an induction machine, adhere to the mouth of the pill container, creating an air-tight, tamper evident seal.Polypropylene plastic hinge top containers and clear PET plastic square bottles include child resistant caps, which feature opening instructions embossed in the top. The reversible cap vials feature a dual cap, which offers both child resistant and non-child resistant closure options.Protein powder containers, such as natural HDPE plastic round bottles or natural round plastic jars come with ribbed plastic caps, which provide a handhold when opening and closing. HDPE plastic provides good moisture, oil, and temperature barriers. The wide openings of these nutraceutical containers make it easy to scoop or pour powder products.

Metal Supplement Containers

Metal containers are great for housing loose leaf teas, medicinal balms, and salves. Deep metal tins are made of tin plated steel, which is ideal for products that do not contain water. These medicine jars are non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and are available with slip cover metal lids that fit the metal tins securely and keep products fresh.Silver metal tea tins are also made from tin plated steel and are available in two sizes: 8 oz and 16 oz. The tall, cylindrical form makes these tea tins ideal for storing dry supplements and herbs. The included metal caps feature a pliable plastic ring, which acts as a plug and protects products from air and moisture.

Packaging Tip

PET Plastic

PET is a durable plastic that is easily molded into many container shapes and is available in a wide range of colors. PET plastic is often used for product packaging due to its great gas and moisture barriers, as well as resistance to many chemicals, including dilute acids, oils, and alcohol. PET plastic has a maximum fill temperature of 160°F and can be easily recycled.

Product of the Month

CR Sprayer Bottles

White polypropylene cylinder bottles feature child resistant sprayers and are sealed with white polypropylene plugs once filled. Polypropylene plastic provides good barriers against moisture, oil, and alcohols, while the opaque cylinder protects against UV light. The child resistant sprayer component prevents infants from accessing the product inside and a tear tab over the sprayer opening provides insurance that the product has not been previously used. These travel size bottles could be used to house an array of medicinal sprays, including disinfectant, throat lozenges, or insect repellant.

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