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Colored PET Bottles and Jars

August 2018

PET Plastics are lightweight and durable. Their versatility allows them to be flexible in color and shape to meet almost any packaging requirement for immense marketing advantages. SKS Bottle carries a large selection of PET plastic colored bottles and jars in amber, blue, green, purple, black, and white. Each line of colored containers is available in a range of sizes and can be purchased with various cap options to fit your style and branding needs.

Why PET Plastic?

  • Offers high clarity
  • Globally recognized as a durable, lightweight, and cost-effective
  • 100% recyclable, and is the most widely recycled plastic in the world
  • Can be molded into a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Dark colored or opaque PET provides UV protection
  • Has a maximum fill temperature of 160° C / 320° F
  • Features good moisture and gas barriers
  • Is immune to dilute acids, oils, and alcohols

Amber Bottles & Jars

Amber plastic is often used for pharmaceutical containers and aromatherapy bottles because it filters out blue and ultraviolet light, thus prolonging product shelf life. SKS offers numerous amber bottles and amber jars. Amber PET plastic heavy wall jars or straight sided jars with black smooth foam lined caps could be used to package light sensitive salves and balms. Amber plastic bottles, like tottle bottles with black snap top caps or 1 oz oval bottles with treatment pumps are travel size and could be used to easily dispense lotions and skin care products, such as sunscreen.

Colored Jars & Bottles

Blue PET plastic does not block blue light as well as amber PET plastic, but still provides good clarity and moisture barriers, making it a more common packaging choice in the salon and spa industry. Blue plastic jars, such as SKS' blue PET heavy wall jars with smooth silver caps feature F217 liners and could be used to package an array of cosmetics. SKS also carries blue plastic bottles in many styles, including cosmo round bottles with black ribbed fine mist sprayers for packaging air freshners or hair sprays.Purple bottles and purple jars are an appealing alternative to blue plastic and retain the same characteristics. Purple plastic bottles, such as boston round bottles with black disc top caps could be used to package an array of hair care products. Purple plastic straight sided jars with smooth black caps could be used to package hair styling products, like hair gel or hair wax, for a complete line.Similarly, green PET bottles and green PET jars offer a unique personal care container option. Green plastic boston round bottles with black lotion pumps and green straight sided jars with white dome caps could be used to package scented lotions or hand creams.

White & Black Bottles

White PET bottles and white plastic jars are entirely opaque and offer light-blocking UV protection. White plastic tends to be most commonly used for pharmaceutical bottles and skin care jars. Straight sided white jars with smooth white caps feature foam liners and could be used to package an array of skin care salves and creams. White plastic bottles, like the slim line cylinder bottles with white treatment pumps or white ribbed fine mist sprayers, are travel size and convenient for housing toiletries, serums, or mouth sprays.Black PET bottles and black plastic PET jars also offer light blocking UV protection. Their sleek design is popular for cosmetics and hair product containers. Black plastic cosmo round bottles with black twist top caps could be used to hold a range of salon products, including hair dyes and toner. Straight sided black jars with smooth black PS22 lined caps are composed entirely of recycled PCR plastic. The pressure sensitive liners in the caps adhere to the mouth of the jars after application and help to preserve product freshness.

Packaging Tip

Custom Shrink Sleeves

SKS offers custom printed shrink sleeves to apply over the outside of various containers. Shrink sleeve labels feature artwork digitally printed on flexible shrink film, which shrinks and conforms to the shape of the container when properly applied with heat. Shrink sleeves are an alternative way to customize packaging and simultaneously provide tamper evident protection. There are four film types available:

  • PVC, which offers chemical and UV resistance
  • PETG, which is transparent, glossy, and provides chemical resistance
  • OPS, which is transparent, glossy, and flexible
  • PLA, which is plant based and biodegradable

Product of the Month

Amber PET Oblong Bottles

Amber PET oblong bottles are made from a darker amber coloring, which provides UV protection and helps prolong the shelf life of products. The PET bottles are flexible, allowing them to be used with either non-dispensing or dispensing caps, and the wide front and back label panels offer ample room for custom branding. Paired with black disc top caps, these amber oblong bottles could house an assortment of bath and body products, including lotion or body wash.

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