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Sustainable Packaging

April 2018

SKS Bottle strives to improve green practices through sustainable packaging. We carry a variety of eco-friendly bottles, jars, tubs, and tubes for cosmetic, beauty, and food packaging. These environmentally friendly containers are made of recycled materials such as PIR plastic, PCR plastic, and paperboard, and could have a positive impact on your customers and business.

Paperboard Packaging

Paperboard is a lightweight paper-based material that is generally thicker and stronger than regular paper. Not only is it renewable, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable, but it also provides an eco-friendly packaging alternative to containers made from petroleum based plastics. Our push-up paperboard tubes and paperboard jars come with flush fit lids and feature an oil-resistant barrier, making them a good option for cosmetics. These paperboard containers could be used for lip balm or wax based products, such as hand or paw moisturizer, cream blush, solid perfume, and more.

PIR Plastic Containers

Post industrial resin, also known as PIR plastic is constructed from a blend of recycled polypropylene (PP) resins that would otherwise be sent to a landfill. PIR plastic is more energy efficient than other plastics as it minimizes the use of raw material. PIR packaging is best known for its effective insulation characteristics. It has a good moisture barrier, as well as oil and heat resistance, giving it a similar material profile to polypropylene. SKS carries frosted black PIR plastic jars in bulk or as a kit with deep skirted or dome caps. These PIR containers are made in the USA. The resin base of this renewable packaging is cleaned to the highest standards, making it safe for cosmetics and skincare products, like creams and lotions.

PCR Plastic Containers

SKS offers black PCR plastic cosmetic jars in bulk or as kits with F217 lined smooth caps or F217 lined dome caps. These reusable containers could be used for an array of skincare products, such as shaving cream or moisturizers. Our clear food tubs are also made of PCR plastic and are offered in bulk or with tamper evident and leak resistant lids. PCR plastic, or post consumer resin, consists of a blend of recycled resins that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Less energy and water is required to produce PCR containers, and the end result is comparable to the first-rate appearance and feel of PET plastic. PCR packaging maintains a low gas-vapor transmission rate and has a high resistance to stress cracking. Due to these features, these recyclable containers are mostly used in the cosmetic and bath and body industry.

Packaging Tip

Tamper Evident Caps

SKS offers a selection of easy to apply tamper evident caps in a range of sizes. These caps feature a ring attached to the base of the cap skirt that tears off when a compatible bottle is initially opened. Compatible bottles display a lip on the neck that the tamper evident ring catches on when the cap is removed. These caps are available with orifice reducers, pouring inserts, and bulb droppers.

Product of the Month

Clear PET Woozy Bottles

SKS offers clear PET woozy bottles, also known as keuka bottles, in 8 and 14.5 oz sizes. These reusable and recyclable bottles offer the same clarity as glass, while being flexible and shatterproof. They could be paired with orifice reducers and used with food products, such as sauces and dressings. They could also be paired with cork stoppers for bath and body products, or with disc top caps for an array of hair care products. These round bottles offer ample label space and can be custom branded to fit your needs.

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