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PET Cosmo Round Bottles

September 2017

SKS Bottle & Packaging offers PET cosmo round bottles in many sizes, colors, and paired with a variety of caps to suit your needs. The wide variety of available colors and sizes make it easy to customize nearly any product line.

PET Cosmo Round Bottles

Packaging with PET cosmo round bottles offers many benefits. With a classic design, large labeling areas, and versatile closure options, these plastic bottles are easy to pair with a wide variety of products. Our line of PET cosmo rounds are offered in many sizes and colors to allow for further customization. Clear, amber, blue, green, black, white, purple, and frosted cosmo round bottles are available in sizes ranging from 1 oz to 16 oz. While these larger sizes are optimal to package products for the home, we also offer smaller 1 oz and 2 oz size bottles that are ideal to hold travel or sample sized products, such as shampoos and lotions.PET is an optimal packaging material for many reasons. It offers efficient barriers against gas and moisture, as well as good resistance to heat, dilute acids, oils, and alcohols. PET containers can be product filled at temperatures up to 160°F. If packaging light sensitive materials, consider the darker colored PET cosmo rounds to help protect your product from harmful UV rays.

PET Cosmo Round Bottles with Disc Top Caps

PET cosmo round bottles with disc top caps could be an effective option for packaging products like bath gels, lotions, or hair care products. When light pressure is applied to one side of the cap's roof, the opposite side flips open to expose the orifice. To dispense, the bottles must be turned upside down and gently squeezed. PET bottles are sturdy, yet flexible; an essential quality when paired with disc top caps. SKS offers black, white, silver, natural, and gold disc top caps with PET cosmo round bottles in a variety of sizes and colors.

PET Cosmo Rounds with Twist Top Caps

Twist top caps could be paired with PET cosmo round bottles to package glues, inks, sealants, and many more industrial products. Open these caps by turning the top portion counterclockwise, and easily close them by turning the same part of the cap clockwise to prevent leakage. Twist top caps also require gentle pressure on the container to dispense the product, which is why a squeezable material like PET pairs well with these caps. Opt for twist top caps in black, white, or black with a natural top to pair with PET cosmo round bottles.

PET Cosmo Round Bottles with Sprayers

Fine mist and mini trigger sprayers can be paired with any of the eight PET cosmo round bottle colors. PET cosmo rounds with fine mist sprayers can be used to package products such as body sprays or air fresheners. Mini trigger sprayers have buttons on their necks to lock and unlock the trigger lever. These sprayers are paired with the larger sizes of PET cosmo rounds, and are ideal for packaging larger quantities of high viscosity products such as lotions or gels. Cosmo rounds paired with fine mist sprayers are great packaging option. The design of cosmo rounds makes them easy to hold, which is useful for one handed operation and when continually spraying product. They are also very durable, making them a smart choice for products that may be frequently transported in a purse or bag.

PET Cosmo Round Bottles with Lotion and Treatment Pumps

Lotion and treatment pumps can be paired with PET cosmo round bottles to dispense high viscosity products. Lotion pumps are commonly paired with 6 oz and 8 oz cosmo rounds and dispense more product per stroke than treatment pumps. Since treatment pumps typically dispense a small amount of product per stroke, they are usually paired with the 2 oz bottles. PET cosmo rounds with lotion and treatment pumps could be a good option for packaging products like serums, ointments, concealers, creams, and much more!

SKS also offers PET cosmo rounds with smooth or ribbed screw caps, snap top caps and tapered corks. To browse all of the PET cosmo rounds available, click here!

Packaging Tip

How-to Videos

SKS has an ever expanding library of how to videos to assist as you choose the best packaging for your products. These videos give you a 360° look at the containers while also explaining essential properties. Be sure to check out the video on cosmo round bottles!

Product of the Month

Black Smooth Disc Top Caps

Black disc top caps are sold in 20/410 or 24/410 unlined, PS22 lined, or Induction lined and can pair well with cosmo round bottles and so much more! To dispense from the disc top caps, simply press the side molded with the word "Press" and the opposite side will lift up exposing the orifice. Each size has a different orifice opening diameter, with larger caps featuring slightly wider orifices.

The PS22 liners are included within the black disc top caps. Once the bottles have been filled, screw the PS22 lined disc top caps onto the bottles. Leave the disc top caps in place for approximately 48 hours. During this time, the PS22 liners fall from inside the disc top caps and adhere to the opening of the bottles. Induction liners are also included within the black disc top caps. The induction liners require an induction sealing machine to be activated. Once activated, the induction liners will hermetically seal the openings of the bottles. Both the PS22 and induction liners provide tamper evidence and protection for your product, and must be removed before dispensing.

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