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SKS Bottle & Packaging 30th Anniversary

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The Packaging Rap
The Packaging Rap

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volume 7, April 2004

Makeup & Cosmetic Containers

Are you looking for the perfect container to package an existing makeup or cosmetic line? Are you creating a new line of cosmetics and looking for something fresh and unique? SKS Bottle and Packaging, Inc. is the perfect source for your cosmetic and makeup container needs.

Glass and Plastic Bottles

Glass and Plastic Bottles

Choose from our extensive inventory of glass and plastic bottles for your line of cosmetic or makeup products. Our LDPE plastic bottles, clear glass bottles and clear PET plastic bottles could be ideal for packaging liquid foundation, concealer and more. For mineral powder makeup, blush, and dusting powders try our clear plastic jars with sifter inserts. These sifter jars are available in a wide range of sizes with black, silver and clear window caps.

glass and plastic bottles
Plastic Eyeshadow Jars

Plastic Eyeshadow Jars

If you're looking to package solid eyeshadow or cream blush, SKS has a great selection of jars for your needs. Choose from black, white or clear plastic cosmetic jars with matching solid caps or clear window lids.Other cosmetic jar styles include black or silver hinge top jars, clear styrene plastic square jars, and white polypro plastic sample jars. We also carry 10 ml black plastic divider jars, which include screw top closures with clear windows. These eyeshadow jars are divided into three sections, ideal for separating multiple color cosmetics.

eyeshadow jars
Lip Balm Containers

Lip Balm Containers

Package your lip balms and lip gloss in an array of tubes, bottles, jars and tins! SKS has a wide variety of lip balm tubes in several shapes and sizes, as well as lip balm tube filling trays to speed up the production process. If you prefer the look of lip balm pots, we carry many styles and sizes of plastic jars and lip balm tins. We also stock accessories such as essential oil dropper bottles, shrink bands, and plastic bags to aid in lip balm production and packaging.

lip balm containers
Perfume Containers

Perfume Containers

Whatever scents you create to wear or sell, be sure to dress them up in bottles, jars, vials, and tins designed to dispense your perfume products with flair. Try our trendy plastic and glass roll-on bottles, slim metal slider tins, solid perfume jars, and petite sampler vials today!

perfume containers

Packaging Tip

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Container

When choosing the right cosmetic, makeup or face paint container you should consider the manner in which the product will be dispensed.

If you are packaging a loose powder you should look for something that will aid in dispensing the product properly such as a sifter container or wide mouth jar. If you are using a brush for application you should make sure the container opening is large enough to accommodate the brush. A squeezable bottle or a container with a narrow neck could be ideal for packaging liquid makeup. If you are packaging a body glitter you may want to look for something that is clear rather than translucent so that you can vividly see the glitter’s true colors. You should also consider whether the consumer will be traveling with the container, and would want to look for something that is both conveniently sized and easy to use in transit.

Whichever container you decide to use for your product be sure to perform compatibility testing to ensure a good fit with the products ingredients and application.

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Product of the Month

Product of the Month

Herbs for Natural Beauty

True beauty doesn't come shrink-wrapped! Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar invites you to enlist the help of Mother Earth for natural radiance with this amazing herbal book.

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Sunday 25 June, 2017