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Fine Mist Sprayers

August 2017

Fine mist sprayers are a great option for packaging low viscosity liquids that should be applied or dispensed by misting. SKS Bottle & Packaging carries a wide range of fine mist sprayers that could be used for packaging anything from body sprays to cleaning solutions.

All of our fine mist sprayers feature spray heads manufactured from polypropylene. Polypropylene is a highly durable packaging material and is desirable for several reasons. It acts as a good barrier against moisture, oil and alcohol, and is also resistant to many chemicals.

Mini Fine Mist Sprayers

SKS carries a line of mini fine mist sprayers compatible with clear glass vials in 3 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml sizes. These mini sprayers are available in white, black or natural, have an output of 0.06 ml per spray and feature smooth collars. Natural mini fine mist sprayers are also available in sizes to fit 5 ml, 10 ml, and 15 ml frosted plastic cylinders. The sprayers compatible with the 5 ml cylinders have an output of 0.07 ml per spray, the sprayers compatible with the 10 ml cylinders have an output of 0.09 ml and the sprayers for the 15 ml cylinders have an output of 0.11 ml per spray. The sprayers are paired with clear styrene hoods and could be a great packaging solution for products like breath fresheners, perfumes, or even travel and sample size products.

Ribbed Sprayers

Also available in white, black and natural are a range of ribbed fine mist sprayers. These sprayers come with 20/410 or 24/410 neck finishes, have an output between 0.14 cc and 0.16 cc per spray and a range of dip tube lengths from 2 7/8" to 7 1/16". This variety in lengths offers the option of pairing sprayers with nearly anything, from a 1 oz PET boston round bottle to an 8 oz PET cosmo round bottle. Opt for bottles with these sprayers to package hair care, cleaning or spa products. Like the mini fine mist sprayers, each of these sprayers also includes a clear hood for added protection.

Smooth Sprayers

For a polished look, choose white or black fine mist sprayers with smooth collars. These sprayers can be paired with many plastic bottles, including 2 oz PET boston round bottles, 4 oz PET cosmo rounds and 1 oz PET slim line cylinders. These sprayers have a 20/410 neck finish, an output of 0.16 cc per spray and a 3½" or 5¼" dip tube length. Additionally, SKS offers white fine mist sprayers with smooth brushed aluminum collars. These are available in 20/410 and 24/410 sizes with five dip tube lengths ranging from 3½" to 6⅞". All of these sprayers come with protective hoods to prevent unwanted discharge and could be a great option for packaging air fresheners, body sprayers or a variety of other bath and body products.

To package low viscosity products, chose from the extensive line of fine mist sprayers available at SKS to pair with PET boston and cosmo round bottles, in amber, clear, blue, black, white, green or purple. PET cosmo ovals and 1 oz slim line cylinders are also great choices available in blue, green, clear and amber. If looking for a glass option with a fine mist sprayer, opt for glass boston rounds in amber, clear, blue or frosted.

Packaging Tip

Disc Liners

SKS offers a variety of white and black cosmetic jar disc liners . These thin plastic liners are placed over the openings of jars and paired with caps to help in containing the products. Standard disc liners are offered in black and white. The black disc liners come in a 33 mm size, while the white disc liners are available in sizes ranging from 33 mm to 89 mm. Additionally, custom disc liners can be ordered to add branding to your product. Available in PVC, PETG, or polypro laminated with vinyl and mylar, these disc liners can be embossed, debossed or hot stamp printed with your logo or company name.

Product of the Month

Liquor Bottles w/ Handles

Opt for the 1.75 liter clear glass bottles if looking to package products like liquor or cooking oil. These glass liquor bottles feature sturdy handles, making for easy use and transport. Pair these liquor bottles with compatible white and black polypropylene tamper evident caps. Once the caps are secured onto the bottles, twisting to remove the caps for the first time separates the caps from the tamper evident rings, leaving the rings securely attached to the necks of the bottles. These caps come with pouring inserts that reduce dripping, while also offering a controlled pour. When the caps are first fastened onto the bottles, the LDPE pouring inserts secure themselves to the mouths of the bottles. When the caps are removed, the inserts remain in place.

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