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July 2016

Whether packaging soaps, creams, cosmetics, chemicals, or disinfectants - SKS Bottle & Packaging has pump options to fit many unique applications. Pumps are a versatile packaging option, so it is important to choose the appropriate one to dispense the product properly. There are a wide range of available pumps, paired with various dip tube lengths to fit almost all bottle sizes.

Lotion Pumps

Lotion pumps are a very popular option for dispensing high viscosity products such as lotions, soaps, hand and face creams. SKS offers black, white, natural and brushed aluminum plastic lotion pumps. The black and white pumps are available with either a smooth or ribbed collar, while the natural and brushed aluminum come with a smooth collar. Smooth collared lotion pumps dispense 2 cc of product per stroke, and the ribbed pumps dispense 0.5 cc per stroke. SKS lotion pumps have locking capabilities to prevent unwanted discharge and a 24/410 neck finish which allows for compatibility with metal, glass, and plastic containers of many shapes and sizes.

Treatment Pumps

Treatment pumps are often used to package makeup, face washes, creams, and other beauty products. They are generally paired with smaller containers as they dispense small amounts of product per stroke. All treatment pumps offered by SKS come with a clear plastic overcap to prevent unwanted discharge, dispense 190 MCL per stroke, have a 20/410 neck finish, and are available in black, white, or natural. Black treatment pump options come with 3", 3 1/2", or 4 ¼" dip tubes. White treatment pumps are available with 2 ¾", 3 1/2", or 4 ¼" dip tubes and the natural pumps feature a 3 1/2" dip tube.

Foamer Pumps

SKS carries foamer pumps, which are commonly used for soaps, hair care products, and bath and body products. They are available in black and white, both with smooth collars for a polished look. The white foamer pump comes in 30 mm, 40 mm, and 43 mm sizes, and the black comes in a popular 40 mm. With each stroke, these pumps infuse the product with air to create a high quality foamy lather, without the use of gas propellants. Use these pumps with any of SKS’ white, amber, or clear foamer bottles.

Airless Pumps

For an elegant packaging option with a big shelf impact, use airless pumps to package products such as lotions, gels, or serums. Airless pump bottles prevent excess exposure to air, protecting the product, and increasing shelf life. When the pump is pressed, a vacuum effect is created, raising a plate at the base of the bottle, pulling the product upward. Choose from the 48 mm white matte polypropylene airless pumps with matching snap on caps, or the 45 mm silver airless pumps with aluminum collar with matching caps. The white pumps dispense 1 ml of product per stroke, and are compatible with 50 ml and 100 ml white airless pump bottles. Silver airless pumps dispense 0.2 ml of product with each stroke and can be paired with matching 15 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml airless pump bottles. After filling with product, assemble the pumps to the bottles with ease by either simply pressing the pump onto the top of the bottle for the white pumps, or screwing the silver pumps onto the top of the compatible bottles.

Industrial and Drum Pumps

The industrial pumps offered by SKS are white and can be used to dispense products such as lotions, soaps, and cleaning products at 4 cc or 1 oz per stroke. These white industrial pumps are available with ribbed and smooth collars, and can fit up to a one gallon jug. When looking for a pump to dispense large quantities of product like detergents, disinfectants, or oils, drum pumps may be a great choice. SKS has plastic and metal drum pumps with options to dispense from 1 oz to 10 ounces of product with each stroke. There are great options to fit 5, 6, 15, 30, and 55 gallon drums with either a 3/4" or 2" pump opening.

SKS carries many pumps that can be used to dispense products from makeup to disinfectants. Visit the pumps and sprayers page to browse the available options!

Packaging Tip


Looking for an easy and efficient way to fill your product? SKS’ funnels are a great filling tool! SKS carries funnels in HDPE, polypropylene, and polystyrene, as well as a variety of sizes. When filling smaller bottles or vials with a narrow neck opening, a polypropylene mini funnel makes for a handy tool . Looking to fill larger containers? No problem, there are funnels up to 290 mm in length, ideal for this use. Funnels are inexpensive, lightweight, and serve many industrial and laboratory applications. The disposable funnels offered by SKS come in cases of 100, allowing many containers to be filled at once, saving you time, and money.

Product of the Month

Black Snap Top Caps

SKS recently added a new style of black snap top dispensing caps. These closures are a great option for packaging syrup, salad dressing, honey, sauces, or marinades. They are available with two different induction liners, both providing a tamper evident seal. The FS3-25 heat induction liner reads “Sealed for freshness” and must be applied with an induction sealing machine. The FS3-25 liner is only compatible with plastic containers with a 38/400 neck finish, and offered with a variety of kits from sauce bottles to honey bear bottles. The other cap comes with a Lift ‘n’ Peel™ liner, which is also applied using an induction sealing machine. This liner will provide tamper evidence, and features a tab to make removal easy The Lift ‘n’ Peel ™ liner can be paired with either glass or plastic containers with a 38/400 neck finish.

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